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Positive Stories From Cologne

By Adrian Wilson, International Correspondent

Cleaner air, cleaner water, cleaner industrial manufacturing processes and cleaner fuels – these are just four of the developmental goals of the filtration industry which ensure it is at the forefront of environmental progress globally.

As already noted in the preview in the last issue of International Filtration News, this year’s Filtech show attracted no less than 140 new exhibitor companies to Cologne for the event…Continue Reading »

MYCELX: A Young Company Shining on the Global Stage

By Edward C. Gregor, Editorial Advisory Board Chairman, International Filtration News

In the filtration and separations industry, there are not enough new differentiated technologies that stand out and capture world-dominating companies’ attention. As a start-up with its first sales success in 2004, MYCELX Technologies appears to be one of those companies with emerging and differentiated technology in our industry.
In the wake of the Exxon Valdez oil spill off the coast of Alaska in 1989, MYCELX co-founder and current President and Chief Science Officer, Haluk (Hal) Alper, conducted research leading to the invention of the first-generation version of the MYCELX polymer, now central to most …Continue Reading »

Microfiltration Membranes for Clarification of Juices

By Karolina Pokus, MSc. Chemical & Process Eng. Application Engineer, PCI Membranes-Filtration Group

One of the newest technologies in the food industry is the application of membrane technology, which has seen the replacement of traditional multi-stage filtration, separation and evaporator process with a single membrane process. The rapid expansion of membrane technology is dictated by the many advantages like the gentle treatment of the product due to moderate temperature changes during process, high selectivity…Continue Reading »

Filtration 2018

Filtration 2018 International Conference & Exposition

European Conference on Fluid-Particle Separation

– Separation of dispersed phases from liquid – Separation of dispersed phases from gas – Membrane separation – Modeling and monitoring of separation – Technical developments in filter media – Process intensification and innovative technologies – Pre-treatment, post-treatment and related …Continue Reading »

Filtrex Asia

A two-day conference covering markets, products, and technology for the filtration industry in Asia. So far, 11 editions of FILTREX™, the EDANA conference dedicated to the promotion of nonwoven filter media, have been held, including 6 times in Europe, once …Continue Reading »

Filtration & Separation Asia

A GLANCE AT FILTRATION & SEPARATION ASIA Filtration & Separation Asia (FSA) combined with China International Filtration & Separation Exhibition, is an every-2-years event, which is the leading event in Asia region about filtration & separation topics. It is aim …Continue Reading »