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March/April 2015
Volume 34, No. 2

30-Page Special Feature:
• Filtration & Separation in Power Generation
The Focus at AFS Spring Conference

Special Reports:
• FILTECH 2015, Cologne, Germany
• Understanding the Benefits and Limitations of EPA Filtratio
• Filtration|Standards
ISO 29463: A Global Standard for HEPA and ULPA Filters

>> Sonobond’s Ultrasonic Machines Outperform Conventional Filter Assembly Methods as Synthetic Blends Gain in Usage
>> AFS Attendance Reaches Post-Recession Record at Fall Conference
>> Tiny Particles and the Bigger Picture
Topics covered at EDANA’s Filtrex 2014 conference in Berlin, ranged from sector specific and immediate issues to the broader future of transportation and manufacturing
>> JCEM Digital CNC Blade Pleating Machines
>> Nonwoven Fabrics: Mechano-Electret Filter Media Provides for IAQ Advantages
>> Sieves, Strainers and Reusable Filters
>> Flexible Mini Pleat Manufacturing Lines
>> Foamed Adhesives Provide Cost Effective Filter Assembly Solution
>> Forcespinning Nanofibers: A Practical Synthetic Alternative to Glass Fibers in High Efficiency Filters
>> Solids/Liquids Separators as
>> AFS Conference Growth Continues
>> From Production of Viscose to Fully Automatic Filtration in the Sugar Industry
>> Contamination Control in a Hydraulic System
>> The Case for Needle Felts in Traditional Liquid Filtration Applications
>> Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) — A New Route to Filtration Innovation


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