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Leading the Way in Engineered Filtration Solutions

SWM has united the expertise of Delstar Technologies and Conwed Plastics to expand its Filtration Portfolio. The company’s products are used in Reverse Osmosis (RO), Air, Liquid, Medical, and Automotive Filtration industries. Through acquisitions SWM has diversified its product portfolio and customer base in recent years, expanding its capabilities to include a variety of resin-based technologies and products. Today, SWM’s range of filtration products, coupled with the company’s custom-engineering capabilities, make it possible to produce and deliver solutions for customers worldwide. …Continue Reading »

CEREX Advanced Fabrics – a Global Leader in Specialty Nylon 6,6 Spunbond Fabrics

By Edward C. Gregor, Editorial Advisory Board Chairman, International Filtration News

The CEREX® spunbond nylon technology was developed by Monsanto in the 1960s and commercial production began at the Pensacola plant in 1970. Monsanto’s initial market objective was to create a synthetic packaging material that would replace burlap and provide a new outlet for its nylon 6,6 polymer. The CEREX brand spunbond fabric was very strong with higher-temperature, abrasion resistance, …Continue Reading »

Innovative Solutions to Drinking Water Decontamination in Small and Medium Treatment Plants

By Dave Fischer, Vice President of Technology and Product Manager for Treatment Equipment, QED Environmental Systems, Inc.

Though drinking water tends to be relatively clean compared with water that is being considered for other uses, it sometimes can contain contaminants. Air stripping, a proven water treatment technology primarily used in the past for groundwater remediation in highly contaminated sites, is gaining traction within the drinking water treatment industry. …Continue Reading »

Filtration 2018

Filtration 2018 International Conference & Exposition

European Conference on Fluid-Particle Separation

– Separation of dispersed phases from liquid – Separation of dispersed phases from gas – Membrane separation – Modeling and monitoring of separation – Technical developments in filter media – Process intensification and innovative technologies – Pre-treatment, post-treatment and related …Continue Reading »

Filtrex Asia

A two-day conference covering markets, products, and technology for the filtration industry in Asia. So far, 11 editions of FILTREX™, the EDANA conference dedicated to the promotion of nonwoven filter media, have been held, including 6 times in Europe, once …Continue Reading »

Filtration & Separation Asia

A GLANCE AT FILTRATION & SEPARATION ASIA Filtration & Separation Asia (FSA) combined with China International Filtration & Separation Exhibition, is an every-2-years event, which is the leading event in Asia region about filtration & separation topics. It is aim …Continue Reading »