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JCEM Solves Age-Old Pleating Dilemma with New P6 Pleating Machine

Exit view of the P6 pleating machine

After many years of selling pleating equipment, customers often wish for a pleating machine with a pleat height range above and beyond their immediate needs. That request is normal as culture longs for the bigger engine, the 3rd row seat, the larger flat screen and so on. Name it and consumers want it bigger and better and there is nothing wrong with that. However, pleating machines, specifically blade-pleating machines, don’t work that way. …Continue Reading »

Five Reasons to Consider Dura-Life Hydroentangled Bags for Enhanced Baghouse Performance

There have been many articles published that focus on advances in industrial dust collector filters, but the lion’s share of them focused on dust collectors using cartridge filters. While collectors with cartridges offer many advantages, there are thousands of facilities in North America still buying and operating baghouses. This paper addresses the filtration needs of these baghouse owners and operators. …Continue Reading »

Aquatech Amsterdam

End users to share industrial insights into water footprint reduction at Aquatech Amsterdam’s 25th edition This year’s landmark 25th edition of the Aquatech Amsterdam exhibition, taking place on 3-6 November, will include a prominent new addition to the show floor …Continue Reading »

WQA Aquatech USA

WQA Aquatech USA attracts water industry groups including process, drinking water, and ultrapure for residential, commercial, and industrial users. It is the one-stop event that connects technologies, know-how, education, training, networking, and business opportunities. It’s where your industry and association …Continue Reading »

The 12th World Filtration Congress

The 12th World Filtration Congress (WFC 12) will be held on April 11-15, 2016, at the Taipei International Convention Center and Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1, Taipei, Taiwan. It is one of the most important conferences in filtration …Continue Reading »