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Core applications and drivers in the North American liquid filtration market

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A sneak peek at the FILTECH 2022 plenary and keynote sessions

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Elements align for a filtration boom

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Figure 1

There is no denying the importance of filtration in the modern age. Medical filters can safeguard sterile environments, like operating rooms, by keeping out harmful pathogens and bacteria. Filters in vehicles make them more efficient. And with government regulations and environmental concerns, the filtration market is undeniably on a path toward continued growth. The following …

Mike Taylor opening FILTECH 2019

FILTECH 2022 will be presented in Cologne, Germany, Mar. 8-10, 2022. The occasion marks the return of a leading global event for the filtration and separations industry, after the COVID-19 pandemic forced FILTECH to be rescheduled from its originally planned dates in 2021. FILTECH’s companion conference program will feature presentations from some of the leading …

Elements water, soil fire, air

This is Part I in a two-part series highlighting mega trends that are paving the way for significant growth in filtration applications and technology now and in the years to come. Part II in this series, “In the trends of today, we see the future of filtration,” appeared in Issue 5 2021 (pages 24-30) of …

Robert Carpio

Founded in 1961, Porex is a global leader in developing custom-engineered porous polymer solutions that become high-value functional components for a range of products. The company’s material solutions leverage a variety of porous polymer technologies, including sintered plastics, bonded fiber, open-cell foam, and microporous membranes. By combining material science expertise in filtration, absorption, diffusion, wicking …

liquid/solid separation in industrial applications

In the metal working industry, many operations use a fluid to perform the desired function. It is economical to clean the fluid as it can be recirculated for continued use. The cleaning device can be almost any technique that has the ability to separate the liquid from the solid – filters are not the only …