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International Filtration News provides ongoing coverage of filtration technology for environmental & pollution control applications. Visit regularly to stay on top of the latest insights, issues and innovations in filtration for environmental & pollution control.

Restoring Planetary Health with Carbon Capture

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Environment & Air Quality

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Dualing Hazards to Your Health from Wildfire Smoke

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David Gory, Chief Executive Officer, Airbuild

Concepts to Reverse Damaging Environmental Mistakes Comes in Many Forms – Including Algae Airbuild is a company driven by the vision of transforming the world through the power ofalgae. Led …

A view of Toronto during the 2023 wildfires.

Q&A with Dr. Iyad Al-Attar In an interview with Dr. Iyad Al-Attar, a filtration consultant researching urban air quality governance at the University of Oxford, he calls for an initiative …

The Triborough Bridge along the East River in New York City with massive air pollution in the sky from wildfires. Photo iStock/James Andrews

There are occasions when the knowledge and experience a person has developed over their professional career intersects with their personal life. Such is the case for many in the air …

Advancements of washing machines have caused damage on the environment and now are threatening the future health of both humanity and the planet, as implications are become clearer.

In his memorable TedTalk from 2010, the great Swedish physician and academic Hans Rosling, who sadly died in 2017, proposed the washing machine as the greatest invention of modern times. …

The San Angelo, Texas facility selected the Mazzei GDT system, which aerates a sidestream using venturi injectors and a Pipeline Flash Reactor (PFR) to blend the treated sidestream effectively as it is reintroduced into the main flow. Photo courtesy of Mazzei Injector Company

Irrigation water use and re-use in agriculture cycle around pretreatment and filtration The water cycle tracks the movement of water from lakes, streams and oceans to the clouds and back …