IFN Peer-Review Program

IFN Peer Review

In our ongoing quest to shine a light on the challenges and solutions that will shape the future of filtration and separation, International Filtration News is excited to introduce our peer-review program. Through this initiative, we offer researchers, scholars and technologists who are focused on driving compelling and innovative advances in filtration the opportunity to submit papers for peer-reviewed publication.

To be considered for peer review, your paper should be focused on unique research that represents a quality improvement for filtration technology and/or applications. Reviewers will work with the IFN editorial team and our Peer-Review Program Chair, R. Vijayakumar, Ph.D.*, to validate manuscripts for publication.

For more information on how to submit a paper for consideration as a peer-review publication in an upcoming edition of IFN, follow the link below.

Why publish your research in IFN

  • Each edition of IFN is distributed to more than 14,000 qualified filtration industry professionals worldwide.
  • Our readership is comprised of a range of filtration business leaders in North America, Europe & Asia, so featuring your research in IFN provides you the opportunity garner attention from corporate decision makers, as well as the academic and scientific community.
  • With a maximum of one peer-review article per edition of IFN, your publication will receive premium treatment so it stands out among the other content in the publication.

Peer-reviewed articles published in IFN:


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R Vijayakumar
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