DuPont (DD) Fortilife NF1000 Membrane Now Available Globally

DuPont FilmTec Desalination Membranes

DuPont de Nemours Inc. DD has announced that DuPont FilmTec Fortilife NF1000 membrane elements are now being sold globally. Compared to previous versions of the technology, the high-productivity nanofiltration elements enable enhanced wastewater reuse and resource recovery in some of the most difficult applications while consuming less energy.

The Fortilife NF1000 was originally introduced in the Asia Pacific region, where Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD) solutions are more extensively used to meet both wastewater management requirements and corporate circularity goals.

Fortilife NF1000, a spiral-wound nanofiltration membrane, offers demanding separations in high-pressure industrial wastewater applications while providing high water flux and remarkable high-pH durability.

DuPont aims to use an MLD technique that includes reverse osmosis and nanofiltration elements to reduce the volume of water transferred to final thermal treatment, hence lowering operational costs while recovering water for reuse.

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