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Elsner Engineering continues to look for opportunities to drive efficiencies in filter manufacturing

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Metals shine bright at FILTECH 2022

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Chemical bonding for filter media

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Jay Roth, Director of Sales, Elsner Engineering

Franz (Frank) Elsner, Sr. and his wife Johanna immigrated to America in 1924 to escape the depression and turmoil of post-World War I Germany. A German mechanical engineer, Frank held many jobs in his early years in his new country. He worked as a machinist, a patent drafter, a mechanical designer and a plant engineer …

The SinterPore range of materials is produced by DDD company Porous Metal Filters. Photo courtesy of Porous Metal Filters

With benefits including precisely tailored flow rates and accuracy – wire diameters and mesh apertures can be customized to perfectly match targeted contaminants – woven metallic filter fabrics continue to be essential for many demanding filtration operations. In addition, metal mesh filters – primarily made from stainless steel – can withstand a wide range of …

Illustration of chemical bonding technique.

The bonding of fibers and polymers in the filter media manufacturing process can be performed by mechanical, chemical or thermal processes. Chemical bonding in filtration is typically employed to provide added binding of raw materials and/or added functionality to the filter media (anti-microbial, hydrophobicity, hydrophilicity, etc.). Gravure printing is a process whereby the filter material …

Figure 1. Scroll filter

This is the second installment in a new recurring column in IFN called “Moon Shots,” highlighting innovations and new ways of thinking in the filtration industry. The first article in this series, “Overcoming the Gordian knot of the water, energy, CO2 nexus,” can be found at If you would like to pitch your “Moon …


Nonwovens are commonly used as filtration media. Nonwoven filter media is an engineered fabric comprised of a random arrangement of filaments or fibers. The media has the specific function of filtering or separating components of a fluid (air/gas or liquid) or to act in combination as a prefilter or support for other materials in the …