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Solutions for Filtering Polymers

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How Coronavirus Advanced Filtration Efficiency and the Industry

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IAQ Filtration Performance

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Filtration of molten polymers plays a critical role in the production of plastics and synthetic fibers.

Ensuring Pure Polymers Through Continuous Filtration It is only within the past two decades that the critical role played by the filtration of molten polymers employed in the production of …

AAF Clean AIR Center testing facility includes rows of filtration equipment that simulate various controlled environments to test filter effectiveness. Photo courtesy of AAF Flanders

People spend 90% of their time in indoor environments, making air quality one of the most profound health implications for the world’s population. Addressing this global public health concern requires …

Indoor air quality is among the key lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Importance of Face Velocity and Its Impact on Filter Parameters and the Role of Inertial Impaction on Larger Particle Size The concern over indoor air quality is a pressing …

Eaton's LOFTOP™ and LOFTREX M™ polyester filter cartridge

The industrial cartridge filter market generates revenues of more than $15 billion per year. This global number is useful to determine whether the market is large or small. But it …

Testing fabric filters

The Importance of a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program When Purchasing Fabric Filters The value of fabric and bag Quality Assurance/Quality Control program, bag installation oversight, and bag monitoring program increases …