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Calculated ESG

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Advanced Solutions for Difficult Liquids

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Efficient Air Filter Media of Crimped Microfiber Yarns

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GreenCalc™ helps identify and track CO2 eq savings to meet growing sustainability goals, in order to understand and improve the environmental impact at every stage in the company. Illustration courtesy of NEFAB

As Demands for Environmental Accountability Increase, Companies Turn to New Tools to Tell Their Sustainability Story These days, the topic of environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies taking precedence throughout …

Two-in-one specialty filter bags absorb both dirt and oil. Photo courtesy of Eaton

A t the recent Achema trade show for the processing industries held in Frankfurt, Germany (June 10-14), the Filtration Division of energy management company Eaton, headquartered in Nettersheim, Germany, introduced …

Figure 1: Heat Exchanger Proventics GMBH.[22]

Energy and resource efficiency are crucial in the context of the energy transition. The building sector in particular is a major contributor to climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions.[16] In order to …

Metalworking coolant serving a machining operation.

Manufacturing Fluids Filtration Systems The objective of this article is to explain the various arrangements for cleaning manufacturing-process-liquids. Most industrial applications use a closed loop concept. The closed loop concept …

AAF Clean AIR Center testing facility includes rows of filtration equipment that simulate various controlled environments to test filter effectiveness. Photo courtesy of AAF Flanders

People spend 90% of their time in indoor environments, making air quality one of the most profound health implications for the world’s population. Addressing this global public health concern requires …