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Gas Turbine Performance – Why Filters Cannot Fail

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Rainwater Diversion Strategies

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Stormwater – Ozone’s Next Frontier

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Gas turbines play a crucial role in modern society, enhancing daily life in the industrialized world. Photo Shutterstock

Gas turbines have substantially enriched societies’ living standards, whether by generating shaft power or thrust to enhance our daily lives and activities. We take electrical sockets for granted, relying heavily …

Rainwater treatment. Photo iStockphoto/Roberto Fernandez Ruiz

Rainwater quality can vary depending on the surface area it falls on. Initially, rainwater can collect oils, contaminants, and chemicals as it touches the ground. However, as it continues to …

Stormwater - ozone's next frontier. Photo: iStock/Sergeybor

Ozone and AOP Could Help Rainwater and Runoff Play a Bigger Role in Reuse Ozone and rainwater have always had a close connection, as anyone who has smelled the distinctive …

3-Cubic Meter Test Chamber. Photo courtesy Airmid

Airmid Healthgroup is on a mission to take testing to the next level by validating consumer product expectations and understanding more about air quality post-COVID. With the 2020 pandemic came …

Approximately 16,750 participants visited FILTECH 2023.

FILTECH 2023 Provides a Strong Signal For Growth of the Filtration and Separation Sector FILTECH 2023 did not disappoint with an abundant array of research and development, new and tried-and-true …