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Beating the Bottle with SuperiorOsmosis

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Oil reclamation technology

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The Wall of Water at the 150th Open. Photo courtesy of Bluewater

Bluewater’s water purifier technology helps eliminate the need for plastic bottles At the 150th Open Championship held in St. Andrews in Scotland this July, some 290,000 golf fans were introduced …

Hilco Oil Reclamation System. Photo courtesy of Hilco

Investing in oil reclamation technology can help reduce the costs associated with oil usage Costs are rising and budgets are tightening. Decision makers in all industries are trying to minimize …

The Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Formaldehyde combines a solid-state formaldehyde sensor and full-machine HEPA filtration. Photo courtesy of Dyson

The case for clean air has never been clearer There has probably been more discussed about airborne particles in the last two years than in the twenty years before, and …

Air-Clenz Systems'™ seat-based ventilation approach in aircraft can significantly lower the transmission of airborne viral and bacterial infections, including COVID-19.

Air-Clenz Systems™ (Air-Clenz™) announced that independent research conducted by the University of New Mexico’s Department of Mechanical Engineering concluded that a seat-based ventilation approach in aircraft can significantly lower the …


Before 2018, the EN779:2012 standard allowed a wider range of particles sizes to pass. But on June 30th, 2018, a new global standard to classify air filters was established – …