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True cost determination is the first step toward increasing filtration industry profitability

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Core applications and drivers in the North American air filtration market

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The North American market for nonwoven filter media is vast

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Factors affecting MPM

A minority of companies in the filtration industry are achieving EBITA of 30%. The average is less than 15%. How does a filtration company improve EBITA? The answer is to provide a product with a true cost much lower than the competition and adjust gross margins to share some of the product benefits with the …

Air filtration nonwoven material consumption, 2019

This is the second part of a three-part series in International Filtration News, providing a high-level view of the overall filtration market, drivers and size. You can find Part I of this series in Issue 4 of IFN or online at Here we take a deeper look at the air filtration market, with Part …

Nonwoven material consumption in filtration

This is part I in a three-part series highlighting key market trends in the North American nonwoven filter media market based on INDA’s recently published North American Nonwovens Industry Outlook. Part II in this series drills down on key trends in air filtration specifically, and that article can be found here. Part III focuses on …

Attractive facemasks

The true cost of one filter as opposed to another has been traditionally limited to considerations of energy cost vs performance. Health has been a factor in filter decisions, but not dominant. In this pandemic era the concept of true cost includes health factors measured in $ billions and even $ trillions and is unlike …

digital sensor environment

The $40 billion global filtration market is forecast to grow 4% per year through 2022. Fluid filters have favorable growth prospects because of increasing concerns about pollution; the introduction of new, state-of-the-art filtration technologies; the expansion of public infrastructures around the world; and increasing consumer interest in a wide range of filtration products. The adoption …