Eaton Optimizes Its Extensive Program of Filter Cartridges

Eaton filter cartridges
Eaton filter cartridges

Strong performance, best product quality and rapid availability – the demands on solutions for filtration processes are high in all industries. Eaton understands the industry-specific characteristics of the markets and is now evolving its filter cartridge portfolio to better align with market needs. Also, delivery times for ideal supply have also been significantly reduced.
The expanded portfolio includes four filter cartridge types:

  • Meltblown depth filter cartridges: Wide range of applications for the retention of contaminants across a broad spectrum of particle sizes. Depending on the application, they effectively remove particles based on specific pore sizes.
  • Pleated filter cartridges: With their large filter surface area, they are particularly suitable for retention with a uniform grain size distribution.
  • Membrane filter cartridges: These are used for filtration according to absolute retention rates.
  • Metal filter cartridges: Solutions are particularly suitable for applications with very high temperatures.

“The filter cartridge most suitable for an application depends heavily on the process media, the specific application conditions as well as the requests of the operator,” explained Ulrich Latz, Global Industrial Filtration Product Manager at Eaton. “For example, in the area of water, chemical, and paint and coatings filtration, meltblown depth filter cartridges made of polypropylene and polyamide serve as pre-filters to separate particles with different size distributions. However, for water and other applications where high flow rates are required, pleated high-flow filter cartridges with absolute retention efficiency are more suitable.”

Broad product portfolio and application-specific service: To always provide users with the best filtration solution for their needs, Eaton filter cartridges are available with the following common adapter codes:

  • Code 1, 2, 3, 4: single open end with different adapters
  • Code DOE, (), G: double open end with or without end caps or with flat gaskets
  • Code M1, M2: single open end with threaded ends for porous titanium filter c, cartridges

Eaton also offers applicable filter cartridge housings. “Just like the filter cartridges, the cartridge housings must also fit the respective application. We support operators with industry know-how and local expert service,” added Latz.

Eaton’s filter cartridges for industrial processes include the LOFTREX, LOFPLEAT, LOFMEM and LOFMET product series. They are consistently high-performing and economical solutions for general and demanding industrial applications.

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