Movers & Shakers April 2024: Ahlstrom Introduces a New Dual-Layer Filtration Technology for Longer Lifetime

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Most recent update: April 30, 2024

Donaldson to Acquire Stake in Italian Company Medica

Donaldson Company, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of innovative filtration products and solutions, announced it has entered into a definitive agreement allowing the Company to purchase a 49% stake in Medica S.p.A. (Medica). Medica is a leader in hollow fiber membrane filtration technology for medical device applications and water purification. Headquartered in Medolla, Italy, the Company has over 700 employees globally and generated €80 million of revenue in calendar 2023.

Founded in 1985, Medica’s innovative hollow fiber membrane filtration products are used for blood purification in numerous applications including dialysis, continuous renal replacement therapies (CRRT), and therapeutic apheresis. The Company’s products and technologies are also used in the microbiological purification of water, as well as automation solutions for disposable medical device manufacturing.

“Hollow fiber membrane filtration is a fundamental filtration technology and Medica’s proprietary technology and expertise, along with their world-class manufacturing capabilities has enabled delivery of innovative, high-margin products to customers in several markets,” said Tod Carpenter, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Donaldson.

Abatement Technologies Launches ATL Filtration™ Brand

Abatement Technologies, a manufacturer of specialized construction containment and filtration products, announces the launch of its new service, ATL Filtration™. ATL Filtration by Abatement Technologies is trying to provide comprehensive air filtration solutions for commercial buildings in the United States and Canada.

ATL Filtration’s team of National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) Certified Air Filter Specialists (CAFS) will work alongside customers to provide filter replacement services and help determine the best quality replacement filters to keep building occupants safe.

ATL Filtration is currently serving Ontario, Quebec, the Atlantic Provinces in Canada and the state of Georgia in the US. ATL Filtration says they will continue to expand into new locations in the future.

Finnish Startup NPHarvest Raises €2.2 Million to Recycle Nutrients From Wastewater

Espoo-based NPHarvest in Finland, a spin-off from Aalto University, has raised €2.2 million to take its proprietary nutrient catcher machine to the market. The round was led by Nordic Foodtech VC, with participation from Stephen Industries and Maa- ja vesitekniikan tuki ry. The round consists of a €1.3 million equity investment and a €900.000 grant from the Finnish Ministry of the Environment and their RAKI program.

NPHarvest has developed a novel and soon patented hardware solution for collection and recycling of nutrients from wastewater. With the new funding, NPHarvest is going to build the first commercially ready Nutrient Catcher, ready to be installed in their clients’ facilities. Thanks to the process’ modular design, the Nutrient Catcher can scale to different use cases and fit different facilities while keeping the production costs as low as possible.

Ahlstrom Introduces a New Dual-Layer Filtration Technology for Longer Lifetime

Ahlstrom has introduced a new dual-layer filter media technology, available globally, that represents a leap forward in filtration and is a perfect solution to comply with future market needs. The dual-layer design offers up to double dust holding capacity compared to the single-layer design, as each layer serves a distinct purpose to optimize the overall retention of particles in the depth of the material.

In automotive engine air intake applications, the technology has proven to extend by over 50% the filter lifetime in the same configuration. It also offers the possibility to reduce both size and weight of the filter element in vehicles where these parameters are important.

Dual-layer filter materials are designed to comply with current and future engine air intake specifications, including fuel cells. The media can be customized with flame retardancy properties to increase safety in use without compromising performance. The technology is highly adaptable and can be extended to filter air and liquid in many other transportation and industrial applications.

Innovance Acquires Jorgensen Conveyor and Filtration Solutions

Innovance, a 100 percent employee-owned holding company focused on manufacturing and industrial technology, has acquired Jorgensen Conveyor and Filtration Solutions, Mequon, Wisconsin.

Founded in 1950, Jorgensen builds conveyors, coolant filtration systems, material handling equipment, and chip processing equipment for the machine tool, metalworking, and other industries.


“This acquisition continues our strategy of building the Innovance portfolio with recognized industrial machine OEM companies and brands that complement our strong Lou-Rich contract manufacturing business,” said Merritt Becker, CEO of Innovance.

The new alliance with Innovance enables the Jorgensen team to become owners of the business they have helped build.

Cleanova Secures Filtration Contract for European Carbon Capture Plant

Newcomer Cleanova has secured a contract to supply the filtration system for the first full-scale carbon capture facility to be added to a Waste-to-Energy (WtE) facility.

The WtE plant, located in Norway, supplies heating and process steam to several industrial customers. The addition of the groundbreaking carbon capture facility will enable the WtE operators to capture 10,000 tonnes of CO2 annually, making operations even more sustainable and developing an additional income stream. Unusually, the scope of work not only includes post-combustion CO2 capture, but also the treatment & liquefaction of the CO2 to food grade quality. The Cleanova filtration system is critical to success. It will ensure that the sequestered carbon is free from contamination and moisture and is of suitable quality for use in food applications.

Javaid Rias, CEO of Cleanova, said: “This is a big boost for Cleanova and demonstrates our commitment to enabling clean environments through innovative filtration solutions. Our team is working in close partnership with the EPC contractor to ensure that we deliver exceptional filtration results, which will be repeatable on other WtE carbon capture projects.”

Established only six months ago, Cleanova is committed to providing consumable, mission critical filtration systems that allow customers to sustain their industrial processes and protect the environment by increasing efficiency, reducing emissions, and minimizing waste.

Brioche Pasquier Entrusts Veolia with the Construction and Management of Wastewater Reuse Unit

Brioche Pasquier, a French leader in the production and sale of industrial pastries and viennoiseries, has partnered with Veolia, world leader in ecological transformation, to meet its wastewater reuse needs at its site in Les Cerqueux. The new installation, operational since September 2023, allows for the reuse of 3 m3/h of wastewater as cooling water for its cooling towers.

Brioche Pasquier
Brioche Pasquier

Brioche Pasquier has entrusted Veolia Water STI, a Veolia subsidiary specialized in water treatment for industries for over 30 years, with the implementation of a packaged treatment plant to reuse the wastewater it generates. Veolia will operate it for two years.

The facility, located at the headquarters of Brioche Pasquier in the Pays de la Loire region, allows the manufacturer to be 100% compliant with water quality requirements in the food industry. Serving as a pilot unit for its other production sites, the water treatment solution is instrumental in Brioche Pasquier meeting its sustainable development goals, limiting its impact on the water resource by significantly reducing its consumption. Overall, this installation saves 85% of the drinking water used for cooling the factory, which represents 18,000 m3/year. The treated wastewater that is not recycled in the plant is used for agricultural irrigation.

QUA Inaugurates New Membrane Manufacturing Facility in India

QUA, a leading innovator in advanced membrane technologies for water and wastewater treatment, announced the commencement of production at its new state-of-the-art membrane manufacturing center in Pune, India. The new facility marks a significant milestone in QUA’s ongoing expansion and reinforces its commitment to solving water scarcity and complexity.

QUA's new state-of-the-art membrane manufacturing center in Pune, India.
QUA’s new state-of-the-art membrane manufacturing center in Pune, India.

The expansion increases production capacity by four times (4X), furthering QUA’s strategic goals to deliver a broad portfolio of advanced technologies and exceptional customer service. This new facility is a significant upgrade from previous capabilities, utilizing the latest advanced manufacturing systems, process monitoring technologies, and commitment to safety and environmental stewardship. The facility features a state-of-the-art zero-discharge solution, enhancing sustainability by recycling wastewater from manufacturing operations.

MANN+HUMMEL Expands Presence in Asia with New Subsidiary in Indonesia

MANN+HUMMEL, a global leader in filtration technology, is opening a new subsidiary in Indonesia, “PT MANN AND HUMMEL Filtration Indonesia.” The company is thus expanding its global presence, strengthening the important Asian market and optimizing sales and logistics in the region.

Mann+Hummel headquarters

With over 80 locations worldwide, MANN+HUMMEL currently has a prominent presence in China, India, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, as well as in Australia. “By expanding our presence in Indonesia, we are strengthening sales and logistics in the automotive aftermarket and promoting competitiveness in expanding our customer base and distribution channels. Our Indonesia branch will not only contribute to our success in Asia, but also enables us to further advance our mission of separating the useful from the harmful”, explains Serdar Volkan Dogan, Automotive Aftermarket Rest of Asia Director at MANN+HUMMEL.

Through “PT MANN AND HUMMEL Filtration Indonesia”, which is based in West Jakarta, MANN+HUMMEL aims to achieve better market penetration. This location will cover the key regions of Bali, Borneo, Java, Papua, Sulawesi and Sumatra. The warehouse of a logistics service provider, with whom the new branch is cooperating, is strategically located near Jakarta. An ideal location to meet the logistical requirements of customers as efficiently as possible. “Our aim is to offer customers in Indonesia customized filtration solutions. Our local sales and customer support team will enable us to be much closer to our customers and to understand and serve their needs even better,” says Dogan.

SIFA Technology Announces the Acquisition of CMP

SIFA Technology, a company founded in 2001, is an international leader in the sector of high efficiency filtration, in the collection of micro/nano particles in controlled contamination environments and in the production of super thermal insulation. Since the beginning, SIFA’s reference market was the entire world, without any borders, thanks to the nature of its activities: thus far, it operates in more than seventy countries, on the five continents.

SIFA Technology
SIFA Technology

Now, with the aim of increasing its assets and intensifying its category extension, SIFA Technology announced the acquisition of the company CMP COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE PERGOLA, an operation that includes the absorption of a carpentry production site located in Pergola, in center Italy.

The acquisition, made official on March 1st, confirms SIFA Technology’s desire to invest in the territory despite its international soul with the aim of covering its sector in an increasingly complete manner, preserving, and expanding the performance and services offered to the entire customer base of the acquired CMP.

The operation represents for SIFA the absorption of one of its own historic and strategic partner, with which, thanks to the skills and capabilities put in place by the target company, it has been able to gain worldwide references in the supply of air handling units manufactured in metal carpentry both for operating room ceilings and for areas for immuno-suppressed people, in Bio-Hazard applications or in Dangerous zones in the field of Pharma, nuclear processes, treatment of exhausted air, industrial and in the HVAC.

This strategic operation will allow SIFA to develop new solutions and new products thanks to its dynamism and R&D activities, involving the core business of SIFA and that of CMP in a transversal way.

Atmus Filtration Technologies Inaugurates New Distribution Center

Atmus Filtration Technologies Inc., a global leader in filtration and media solutions, announced the expansion of its distribution capabilities with the inauguration of the Atmus Southern Distribution Center (SDC) in Hutchins, Texas, U.S.

Atmus filtration logo

SDC had a soft launch in late 2023 and is now fully operational, signifying a critical milestone as Atmus transforms its supply chain to better serve its customers. The facility serves customers throughout the United States with a focus on the Southern region.

Situated just outside of Dallas, the SDC covers 94,000 square feet that is solely dedicated to distributing Fleetguard products, a brand of Atmus. Fleetguard fuel filters, lube filters, air filters, crankcase ventilation, hydraulic filters and coolants and other chemicals serve customers across various markets, including truck, bus, construction, mining and power generation around the globe.

CMU Chemists, Engineers Work on Water Filtration Technique for the Military

A polymer developed at Central Michigan University could provide a new generation of water filtration technology for the U.S. Department of Defense. It also has the potential to help solve stubborn water quality issues.

Three members of the chemistry and engineering faculty – Brad Fahlman, Itzel Marquez and Anja Mueller – are working on two types of filters using the polymer to remove ammonia and a form of arsenic in a water filtration system.

Anja Mueller, a member of Central Michigan University's chemistry and biochemistry department, talks to two students while conducting research on a molecule that can remove contaminants from water to make it potable.
Anja Mueller, a member of Central Michigan University’s chemistry and biochemistry department, talks to two students while conducting research on a molecule that can remove contaminants from water to make it potable.

A graphitic material composed with the polymer would do the heavy lifting. The process begins in a lab where contaminants are imprinted on the polymer. Those contaminants are then removed from the polymer, leaving tiny indentations that fit the contaminant like a key in a lock, according to Fahlman.

The CMU research team is looking at two applications to clean water. One involves a membrane, which is Mueller’s specialty. Marquez is working the other angle, mixing the polymer and contaminated water in a filter similar to a home pitcher.

The membrane theoretically would work faster, but that brings its own challenges, Mueller said. It must permit water to flow through it without breaking.

The polymer has lots of folds and bulges which attract and trap contaminants. The polymer technology has far-reaching potential, according to Fahlman. It can be replicated to remove a wide range of contaminants, including some that are currently proving difficult like PFAS.

HUBER Unveils New Manufacturing Facility in North Carolina

HUBER Technology, Inc., a company that specializes in high quality mechanical solutions such as stainless steel equipment for municipal and industrial water, wastewater, sludge treatment and energy, announced the grand opening of its newest manufacturing facility in Denver, NC.

Scheduled for April 17, 2024, the unveiling marks a milestone in the company’s commitment to expanding its operational footprint and contributing to the local economy.

The newly established plant features state-of-the-art technology and streamlined processes, empowering HUBER to enhance production efficiency and meet growing market demands. The plant will support environmentally sustainable practices and underscores the company’s commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing.

NX Filtration Receives Order for First Nations Water Treatment Project in Canada

Delco Water, a Canadian leader in water treatment solutions, selected NX Filtration to deliver its hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes for a new Water Treatment Plant in Canada. This is the second drinking water project for which NX Filtration delivers its “direct” nanofiltration (dNF) membranes through Delco Water.

The project seeks to upgrade and extend the water treatment system for a remote community, supplying clean and reliable drinking water produced from lake water with high organics. The project will have a capacity of approximately 1,000 cubic meters per day and is expected to be commissioned at the end of 2024.

The project is part of a Canadian investment program for clean drinking water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure improvements in First Nation communities. Last year, NX Filtration supplied nanofiltration modules for another drinking water project through Delco Water for the Mikisew Cree First Nation community in Alberta.

Toray Develops Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Toray Industries, Inc., has developed a highly durable reverse osmosis (RO) membrane. This innovative offering guarantees the long-term provision of high-quality water. It also maintains the superior removal performance of Toray’s existing membranes vital for reusing industrial wastewater and treating sewage. The new membrane offers double the resistance to cleaning chemicals of conventional counterparts. This reduces performance degradation from membrane wear and simplifies operational management, halving replacement frequencies and shrinking the product’s carbon footprint.

Exterior of Toray Membrane (Foshan) plant
Exterior of Toray Membrane (Foshan) plant

The company is preparing to mass produce this membrane and launch it in the rapidly expanding Chinese market in the first half of 2024. It looks to develop products with the new membrane for the global market including Japan.

The broad applications of RO membranes include desalinating seawater and river water, reusing wastewater, and producing drinking water as a technology to ensure sustainable water sources. Reusing wastewater entails treating water of diverse quality levels with RO membranes. The downside is that an increased reliance on cleaning chemicals to purge contaminants on the membrane surface to maintain their operational efficiency deforms their pores, diminishing removal performance. This has spurred demand for more resilient membranes.

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