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Impact of high efficiency filters on energy consumption

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The value of HVAC filters has risen

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Effectiveness of HVAC filters and room air purifiers in mitigating indoor particulate matter

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Coronavirus COVID-19 & Filtration

With COVID-19 having an impact worldwide, International Filtration News is tracking stories relevant to the filtration industry. Filtration media for facemasks and respirators are at the forefront of the COVID-19 response effort, and meeting the demand for these types of filter media is proving to be a challenge. As manufacturers of filter media and others …

Emerson Helix Home in Environmental Chamber

As the importance of indoor air quality becomes more widely understood, high-efficiency HVAC filters are rising to prominence. However, some critical questions still need to be answered. Researchers from 3M, Emerson and LMS Technologies have recently collaborated in a series of scientific studies to answer critical questions regarding the performance of high-efficiency HVAC filters and …

HVAC Air filter

A major change has taken place in the selection of HVAC filters. The coronavirus has resulted in initiatives to use more efficient filters wherever possible. New developments in nanofibers and other media are allowing purchasers to achieve high efficiency without excessive energy consumption. Lowest total cost of ownership factors in selecting an HVAC filter depend …

Emerson Helix Home in Environmental Chamber

As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread and made its impact worldwide, air filtration has risen to prominence as a potential solution to the spread of viral contagions, as well as in addressing air pollution in general. In the United States, high-efficiency HVAC filters and RAPs (room air purifiers) are widely used for mitigating indoor particulate …

Mann+Hummel headquarters

As the trendlines in the transportation category move away from filtration related to the internal combustion engine and toward alternative applications, such as cabin air, Mann+Hummel has been strategically diversifying its solution set in recent years. The Ludwigsburg, Germany-based company, which has long been a leading player in filtration for automotive applications, has made several …