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International Filtration News provides ongoing coverage of filtration technology for municipal water & wastewater applications. Visit regularly to stay on top of the latest insights, issues and innovations in filtration for municipal water & wastewater.

Spain A New Global Water Leader

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Extreme Decentralization

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As Essential as Clean Water

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Reuven Rivlin (former President of the State of Israel) in a visit at IDE - Sorek Desalination Plant. It is being as a model for new large-scale projects in Spain. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

From a Point of Distress, the Country is Being Thrust Into Global “Wicked Water Problem” Stage One of my favorite quotes is: “The future is already here – it’s just …

Drought conditions causing low levels in the Colorado River which supplies water to western USA and Mexico. Photo iStock/adogslifephoto

The onslaught of news on droughts, mega-droughts (aridification), and the impacts of climate change in the U.S. and globally has reached a new high. Water scarcity and poor quality are …

WEFTEC 2023 will reside at McCormick Place, September 30-October 4, 2023, for conference proceedings, with the exhibition held on October 2-4.

WEFTEC 2023 Plans to Deliver Educational and Exhibition Experiences to Refresh the Minds of Water Professionals There is no better place than WEFTEC 2023’s 96th Annual Technical Exhibition & Conference …

Cloud RO lives under your sink and connects to your phone via the Cloud app.

Cloud Water Filters recently announced the launch of their flagship product Cloud RO, an under-sink reverse osmosis water filter that allows customers to monitor water quality and consumption via the …

Rainwater treatment. Photo iStockphoto/Roberto Fernandez Ruiz

Rainwater quality can vary depending on the surface area it falls on. Initially, rainwater can collect oils, contaminants, and chemicals as it touches the ground. However, as it continues to …