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How did PTFE membrane for filtration come to be?

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Student Spotlight: Self-assembled zwitterionic membranes with interaction-based ion selectivity and fouling resistance

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The road ahead for Porex sees porous polymer filtration at the forefront

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An ePTFE membrane consists of nodes connected by fibrils. Bill Gore from W.L. Gore was the inventor of ePTFE material. Photo courtesy of W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and ePTFE Expanded PTFE originated in the lab at Dupont by chance. That being said, both PTFE and ePTFE were the result of ingenuity, diligence, and technical abilities. Bill Gore from W.L. Gore was the inventor and innovator of ePTFE material. One of many innovations was its incorporation with other textiles and nonwovens …

Figure 1. Schematic illustration of a thin film composite (TFC) membrane

Samuel J. Lounder 5th Year Ph.D. Student Tufts University Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Smart Polymers, Membranes and Separations LaboratoryProfessor/Advisor: Ayse Asatekin, Ph.D. Samuel “Sam” Lounder is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Tufts University under the supervision of Professor Ayse Asatekin, Ph.D. Prior to joining Tufts, he received his …

NX Filtration develops hollow-fiber nanofiltration technology

Dutch membrane specialist NX Filtration produces advanced hollow-fiber membrane modules for nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration applications. Its direct nanofiltration (dNF) concept was designed to remove micropollutants, color, nanoplastics, selective salts and pharmaceuticals from water in one single step: without pre-treatment and without the use of chemicals. Together with a production method based on green chemistry …

Robert Carpio

Founded in 1961, Porex is a global leader in developing custom-engineered porous polymer solutions that become high-value functional components for a range of products. The company’s material solutions leverage a variety of porous polymer technologies, including sintered plastics, bonded fiber, open-cell foam, and microporous membranes. By combining material science expertise in filtration, absorption, diffusion, wicking …

DuPont B-Free

DuPont launched of a new pre-treatment technology that is designed to eliminate the effects of biofouling in reverse-osmosis (RO) systems to reduce operational costs and to boost plant uptime and reliability. Biofouling is one of the most common and severe problems in the operation of a reverse osmosis (RO) system. Unchecked, it causes significant operational …