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While mask types may vary, consistency is key to ensure test accuracy

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Mobility applications provide significant opportunity for nanofiber

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The road ahead for Porex sees porous polymer filtration at the forefront

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The societal and, in some cases, legal requirement of wearing facemasks in public to protect the user from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has led to an unprecedented increase in demand for high-quality masks. With demand on the rise, there is also an increased need to ensure what is being sold to the public meets the relevant …

Polymer Nanothread Filter

With COVID-19 having an impact worldwide, International Filtration News is tracking stories relevant to the filtration industry. Filtration media for facemasks and respirators are at the forefront of the COVID-19 response effort, and meeting the demand for these types of filter media is proving to be a challenge. As manufacturers of filter media and others …

BMW is promoting a cabin air system based on nanofiber filtration. Photo courtesy of BMW.

Nanofiber media will increase market share in a changing mobility market. It will provide the lowest total cost of ownership based on an efficiency-to-energy consumption ratio, as well as on initial and maintenance costs. There are two major sub-segments of nanofiber media, depending on the thickness of the fibers and the methods by which they …

Neenah Filtration NeenahPure Filter Media

Neenah Filtration’s filter media portfolio NeenahPure supports efficiencies from ePM10 50% to ePM1 80% (ISO 16890) and M5-F9 (EN779:2012), with the highly charged materials capable of efficiencies > 99.9% (KCL, 0,3µm, 5.3cm/s). NeenahPure filter media are available for pleatable and bag filter elements. Besides the standard NeenahPure portfolio, Neenah Filtration provides tailormade solutions to satisfy …

Robert Carpio

Founded in 1961, Porex is a global leader in developing custom-engineered porous polymer solutions that become high-value functional components for a range of products. The company’s material solutions leverage a variety of porous polymer technologies, including sintered plastics, bonded fiber, open-cell foam, and microporous membranes. By combining material science expertise in filtration, absorption, diffusion, wicking …