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The Circular Game

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M&A deal teams & terms – navigating the jungle when selling your business

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It’s a big job, and Julie Schertell is ready to do it

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The San Angelo, Texas facility selected the Mazzei GDT system, which aerates a sidestream using venturi injectors and a Pipeline Flash Reactor (PFR) to blend the treated sidestream effectively as it is reintroduced into the main flow. Photo courtesy of Mazzei Injector Company

Irrigation water use and re-use in agriculture cycle around pretreatment and filtration The water cycle tracks the movement of water from lakes, streams and oceans to the clouds and back …

Navigating the jungle when selling your business

Congratulations — you have made the decision to sell your company or are seriously contemplating it. The next step is to prepare yourself, learn new terminology and understand the necessity …

Julie Schertell, President & Chief Executive Officer Mativ Holdings, Inc.

Merger news rocked the specialty materials industry in July with the announcement that Mativ Holdings, Inc. formed after the successful completion of the merger of equals between Schweitzer-Mauduit International, Inc. …


The filtration industry is making a major effort to reduce true cost through its sustainability efforts. Much of the effort has been defensive and reactive. The focus is on how …

The reverse osmosis equipment in a desalination plant. Photo courtesy of Stockphoto/tifonimages

The leading modern method of removing salt from sea/briny water is a process called reverse osmosis (RO). This is the primary filtration technology utilized for removing salt from water and …