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From Turbidity to Transparency – Mastering Hard Seltzer Filtration Techniques

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Gas Turbine Performance – Why Filters Cannot Fail

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Biden Administration Bets the House on Direct Air Capture

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Citrus fruit in a glass of fizzy soda water. iStockphoto

Hard seltzer is a rising sensation within the realm of alcoholic beverages. This drink made its mainstream market debut only a few years ago and is experiencing an escalating trend …

Gas turbines play a crucial role in modern society, enhancing daily life in the industrialized world. Photo Shutterstock

Gas turbines have substantially enriched societies’ living standards, whether by generating shaft power or thrust to enhance our daily lives and activities. We take electrical sockets for granted, relying heavily …

At the Climeworks Orca plant in Iceland, the geological storage of CO2 is handled by Carbfix. It is first dissolved in water and injected into the sub-surface where it reacts with the rock to form solid carbonate minerals. Photo courtesy of Climeworks

Ushering in a huge new opportunity for advanced filtration, on August 11th this year, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced up to $1.2 billion in funding to advance the …

Eaton's LOFTOP™ and LOFTREX M™ polyester filter cartridge

The industrial cartridge filter market generates revenues of more than $15 billion per year. This global number is useful to determine whether the market is large or small. But it …

WEFTEC 2023 will reside at McCormick Place, September 30-October 4, 2023, for conference proceedings, with the exhibition held on October 2-4.

WEFTEC 2023 Plans to Deliver Educational and Exhibition Experiences to Refresh the Minds of Water Professionals There is no better place than WEFTEC 2023’s 96th Annual Technical Exhibition & Conference …