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Biodegradable Filter Media for the Metalworking Fluid Applications

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To Hit a Home run in hops Consistency Matters

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World’s Largest Filter Press

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Coolant Serving a Machining Operation

In an effort to evaluate the salient points of the metalworking industry, the hope is that the potential for biodegradable products can be seen by the manufacturers of filter media. …

The filtration process yields higher-quality beer.

Filtration is a key part of the brewing process. Regardless of how the beer is brewed, microbiological stabilization is always conducted – whether using flash pasteurization or cold-sterile membrane filtration …

The new GHT5000F Domino at the Toquepala copper mine in Peru.

GHT5000F Domino Is Capable of Approximately Three Times the Throughput of the Largest Filter Press Currently in Operation It’s been a busy few months for Diemme Filtration, part of the …


Improve Service Life and Filtration Performance with Two-Step Filtration Concepts Part II For more and more wine producers, stacked disc cartridges are becoming a real alternative to traditional sheet filtration …

Dr. Serene Almomen, CEO, Attune

Founders of this Award-Winning Start-up Stayed True to Mission and Proved Critics Wrong When Dr. Serene Almomen, CEO of sensor-based monitoring systems leader Attune (formerly Senseware), and co-founder Dr. Julien …