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Criteria to consider when choosing bag filtration technology (Part II)

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When filtration gets heated – considering hot gas applications

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Criteria to consider when choosing bag filtration technology (Part I)

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Camfil Air Cleaner at Tönnies Meat Production Facility

With COVID-19 having an impact worldwide, International Filtration News is tracking stories relevant to the filtration industry. Filtration media for facemasks and respirators are at the forefront of the COVID-19 response effort, and meeting the demand for these types of filter media is proving to be a challenge. As manufacturers of filter media and others …

Structure of a pleated filter bag

With the new developments in materials and technology, filter bags are becoming more and more popular – even in highly sophisticated applications. Being capable of “nominal” to “absolute” filter levels, filter bags can be valid alternatives in many stringent applications. Part I of this series introduced the filter media of modern bag filtration technology and …

Power generation is one of the primary applications for hot-gas filtration

Hot gas filtration is a process utilized to remove particulate in high temperature gas streams. Depending on the process, the temperature ranges can very between 250 C to 1,000 C. The lower range can be serviced by synthetic fabric filters in the form of a bag and cage or pleated elements, whereas higher temperatures require …

Figure 1. Typical filter media

This is the first article in a two-part series covering the practical aspects of bag filtration technology. Part 1 introduces the filter media of the technology and some guidelines for housing selection. Part 2 presents proven methods for optimizing the filtration process. Bag filtration is used in many industrial processes to remove unwanted particles from …

Harmsco Hurricane filter housing

Established in 1958, Harmsco Filtration Products, a third-generation family owned business, manufactures innovative and cost-effective solutions for liquid filtration challenges. Harmsco provides proven value-added products for three divisions: Harmsco Industrial Products, Harmsco Swimming Pool Products and Harmsco Municipal Products. As a pioneer in the filtration industry, Harmsco holds numerous U.S. and international patents for innovative …