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HIFYBER’s nanofiber filtration media

HIFYBER is part of the Turkish holding company Abalioglu, which has 2,500 employees with $1.3 billion USD in turnover, operating on four continents. We are experienced in production of polymeric nanofiber-based filter media for various filtration applications on a mass scale. Our innovative nanofiber production technology represents a major breakthrough in air and liquid filtration …

VE3 from Fiber Bond

Located in Michigan City, Indiana, the Fiber Bond Corporation is dedicated to the manufacturing and fabrication of high-quality air filtration products for the HVAC and coating industries. Much of the synthetic filter technology used today in the air filtration industry started at Fiber Bond. Founded in the early 1950s, Fiber Bond was granted a patent …

Recycled Plastic Pellets

The challenges of current recycling processes As environmental awareness from people, companies and governments has increased over the last few decades, noticeable efforts are being made in order to bring recycling processes of plastics or synthetic textiles to commercial scale. A number of recycling technologies are under investigation, each with certain complexities and peculiar performances, …

Ohio Fabricators Custom Design

Since 1944, hydraulic filtration manufacturers, distributors and end-users have relied on Ohio Fabricators Company’s (OFCO) flexibility, product quality and outstanding customer service. Our Central-Ohio manufacturing facility and veteran workforce deliver solutions that consistently meet critical specifications and exceed customer expectations. Strainers, breathers, diffusers and other formed metal products are our specialty, but high quality and …


A2Z Filtration Specialities is a designer and manufacturer of complete customer-centric automation solutions for filter production & assembly. A2Z’s customer base includes industry leaders in over 70 Countries. The Company excels in providing superior value, durable and globally serviceable production lines. The components are sourced from leading global suppliers to ensure an ease of availability …