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Student Spotlight: Laser-induced graphene for biofouling prevention in desalination & water treatment systems

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Spiral-wound cartridges for desalination

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Dupont, Waterise Test Vessel

Earlier this year, DuPont Water Solutions entered into a collaboration with Waterise to provide seawater reverse-osmosis membranes and expertise to support Waterise’s subsea desalination plant program. Subsea reverse-osmosis (RO) desalination presents a sustainable and more economical way to turn seawater to freshwater when compared to traditional grounded desalination systems. As subsea desalination leverages the natural …

Fabrication of laser-induced graphene using Laser cutting machine.

The Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research (ZIWR) is one of the world’s leading research institutes for innovative water treatment technologies. It was founded in January 2002 within the Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research at the Sede Boqer Campus of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. The institute focuses on the investigation of environmental challenges …

Manufacture of spiral-wound cartridge filters

A spiral-wound element has significant surface area, resulting in extremely high packing density. The filter is also easy to install and maintain in the system, and it offers a long life due to the durability of the spiral-wound element. The history of desalination dates back to Aristotle and other intellectuals in ancient Greece. In the …