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Filter bags, cartridges & housings

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Nearly 140 years in, G Bopp remains a leader in woven wire mesh — what’s the secret to its success?

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Henkel’s Oberle discusses trends in adhesive technology

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Bag filter system for dust collection

My first exposure to the baghouse industry and its associated products like filter bags, cartridges and housings was in 2004 with a relatively new upstart company called BHA Technologies, which specialized in the manufacture of ePTFE membranes. BHA Technologies was part of a larger company called BHA Group, which designed, manufactured and supplied replacement parts …

BB Engineering Visco+ filter VacuFil recycling system

Under vacuum, the new BB Engineering large-area filter produces a homogeneous, pure melt with a targeted IV setting – for instance, for returning polyester production waste to the melt flow, but also for achieving a homogeneous viscosity in the case of virgin material. BB Engineering has expanded its melt filter portfolio to include a patented …

Freudenberg e.FFECT digital simulation software

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies’ e.FFECT digital simulation software is expanding its range of services for increasing the functional reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. e.FFECT maps the actual operation of a plant onto a digital model. Based on the site-specific requirements and relevant variables for efficient operation, the software tool transparently compares the filtration systems in question and …

G Bopp world headquarters in Zürich, Switzerland.

“Swiss precision” is the proud claim made by G Bopp + Co AG, first established in 1881 in Eastern Switzerland. This family business, now into its fourth generation, remains true to its location in Switzerland to this day. Originally manufacturers of coarse wire mesh, the business has transformed over the decades to ever finer woven …

daniel oberle

By Edward C. Gregor, Editorial Board Chairman, International Filtration News

Daniel Oberle, Global Market Development Manager at Henkel Adhesives, has been with Henkel for 31 years. Henkel specializes in adhesives in the filtration and separation technology markets.