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World’s Largest Filter Press

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Top 5 Reasons a Fine Fiber Performance Layer Filter is Worth It

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A tale of two convention centers

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The new GHT5000F Domino at the Toquepala copper mine in Peru.

GHT5000F Domino Is Capable of Approximately Three Times the Throughput of the Largest Filter Press Currently in Operation It’s been a busy few months for Diemme Filtration, part of the …

Figure 1 – Magnification of fine fiber layer filtration media compared to cellulose, spunbond, cellulose/synthetic, and meltblown fibers

The use of fine fiber technology has revolutionized the industrial air filtration market. When applied to a traditional filtration media substrate, the fine fibers form a permanent web with very …

TOP: The west lobby of the Miami Beach Convention Center. BOTTOM: Las Vegas Convention Center west hall grand atrium boasts a 10,000 square foot video wall welcoming guests.

Airflow and filtration are the main two factors to IAQ, but how do you verify their effectiveness? Air filtration, mainly particle filtration, is a hot topic for everything related to …

Hilco Oil Reclamation System. Photo courtesy of Hilco

Investing in oil reclamation technology can help reduce the costs associated with oil usage Costs are rising and budgets are tightening. Decision makers in all industries are trying to minimize …

Figure 1. Difference in Clean Tool Edge and a Tool with Built-Up Edge (BUE)

The objective of this article is to explain the term “BUE” and, more importantly, at the same time show the value of coolant filtration and what filtration does to prevent …