Andritz launches Turbex extractor

The Andritz Turbex extraction system is designed to produce functional nutrients from botanicals and natural products. The system extracts vegetable proteins, polyphenols, essential oils, extra virgin olive oil, antioxidants and fiber from waste products such as spent brewer’s grain or coffee ground, botanicals, tea leaves, citrus peel or cannabis leaves.

The technology works by generating high turbulence, shear and cavitation at a higher rate than conventional extractors. It uses a series of rotors and stators to cause thousands of cavitation events per second. Andritz Turbex requires lower energy use and does not require ethanol as an extraction solvent, having the ability to operate using water. Andritz Turbex can be installed as a retrofit to existing process line performance.

Andritz will present Turbex as the Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Germany from April 26-29, 2022.

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