FUNDAWAVE offers a new take on solid/liquid separation

FUNDAWAVE Solid/Liquid Separation

DrM’s FUNDAWAVE is a new filtration concept targeting applications that so far could not give satisfactory results with any type solid/liquid separation equipment. The equipment is based on the cross-flow principle with membrane-based filtering media adapted to specific filtration duties. The flowrate is maintained by constantly removing the solids layer forming on the membrane. In contrast to standard tangential flow filtration equipment (TFF) the cross-flow is accomplished by movement of the filter membrane across a stationary liquid.

The FUNDAWAVE is an industrial crossflow filtration solution specifically targeted for applications where flux rates, capital investments, gentle filtration conditions, energy consumption and sanitary design play an important role. It continuously delivers low-fouling filtration by keeping the media clean by vibrating shear forces.

The filtering membranes are arranged in modules, which vibrate vertically while keeping the liquid feed stationary. The relative velocity changes direction many times per second and creates turbulence on the membrane surface, thereby minimizing the fouling layer. The vibrating mass is reduced to a minimum, which also minimizes the required energy input. The resulting heat input is significantly lowered and even for temperature sensitive products cooling may not be required.

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