NeenahPure polycarbonate meltblown provides low energy HVAC filtration

NeenahPure Filter Media

Neenah Filtration’s NeenahPure is a special series of pleatable and bag filter elements made of polycarbonate meltblown, providing low energy usage for HVAC.

Many meltblown media available for air filtration applications are made out of polypropylene (PP), even though other polymers such as polycarbonate can offer a lot of advantages and can diversify the filter portfolio, according to Neenah. The NeenahPure polycarbonate series is specifically developed for ePM10 50-60% (ISO16890), which has shown the best results for efficiency. The most significant reported advantage is very low pressure drop (flat sheet testing: 2Pa @5.3cm/s) paired with a high dust holding capacity.

Filter media types are available for bag and for pleatable filters, and the composition of the media can be customized based on application requirements.

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