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Alfa Laval CultureOne

Alfa Laval introduced a new unique single-use separator range – Alfa Laval CultureOne Maxi – for biopharma processing. All product-contact parts in the separator system can be replaced after each batch, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination, and increasing process hygiene and safety. In 2020, Alfa Laval launched the first premium separator for single-use biopharma processing …

Supralon Filter Elements

Pall Corporation launched its Supralon hydraulic and lube oil filter element range, an upgrade for Pall’s Coralon, Ultipor and Red1000 series filters. Supralon filter elements incorporate a new pack construction with filter media utilizing stress-resistant technology (SRT) and anti-static properties.  Supralon also features upgrades that allow for improved fluid cleanliness, enhanced fluid cleanliness sustainability and …

Aura Air-Air filtration system with advanced monitoring capabili

Aura Air is touting its technology as the first air filtration and disinfection system clinically proven to kill SARS CoV-2. The technology also provides a real-time air quality monitoring system. Aura Air’s patented technology filters, treats, monitors and disinfects indoor air through a unique four-stage purification process. Founded in 2017, Aura Air is now helping to …

Schwing launches electrically driven loading pallet

Schwing Technologies automated the loading process of its systems, now equipping the series of large Vacuclean vacuum pyrolysis front-landing systems with electrically controlled landing tables and pallets. During the loading process, the die part to be cleaned is positioned on the loading table by crane or forklift truck. The electrically driven loading pallet can then …

Ahlstrom-Munksjö expands FiltEV® portfolio for electric vehicles

Ahlstrom-Munksjö continues to focus on the growth segment of electrification, expanding its product offering dedicated to filtration media solutions for electric vehicles. The solutions for fuel cell electric vehicles complement Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s existing products for all electric vehicles. Removing particles and harmful gases, air intake filters protect the catalyst and the membrane to extend the fuel cell life …