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The growing trend of sustainability leads directly to Herrmann ultrasonics

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BB Engineering White Filter Cleaning System

Using BBE‘s WFC for pre-cleaning PET and PA 6 filters enables manufacturers to renounce solvents. TEG and similar solvents are toxic, highly flammable, harmful to the environment and costly in terms of purchase and disposal. WFC – using only steam – is eco-friendly, cost-saving and less dangerous for users. The cleaning effect of White Filter …

Mann+Hummel MULTIGRADE F-MB 2000

MANN+HUMMEL’s MULTIGRADE F-MB 2000 fuel filter element has a separation efficiency of 99.95 percent for particles with a size of four micrometers. MANN+HUMMEL is also currently working on the filter media MULTIGRADE F-MB 10000, which further improves particle separation efficiency thanks to an improved gradient structure. The separation efficiency is 99.99 percent for particles with …

Hollingsworth & Vose NanoWave technology

Hollingsworth & Vose hosted a series of short presentations at FILTECH 2019 to discuss the issue of Indoor Air Quality and its latest IAQ solution, NanoWave. NanoWave is H&V’s  patented extended surface synthetic filter media that is designed to work against hazardous air pollution and provides clean air, while at the same time significantly lowering energy consumption in …

Envirol filter cartridges from AFL

AFL has expanded its range of ENVirol filter cartridges designed for the removal of free, dispersed and emulsified oil from water. The original ENVirol product is now joined by two new versions, ENVirol Plus and ENVirol Block. In ENVirol Original an instant and irreversible bond is formed with the ENVirol media as hyrdocarbons pass through …

FLSmidth’s ClariTube polishing filter with filter media regeneration system

FLSmidth offers the ClariTube filter, designed for polishing filtration. Using single or multiple tube-shaped filter elements with various filter media, the turbid liquor is filtered through material such as textile bags, wire mesh or wedge wire baskets. Filter media is automatically regenerated using water jetting technology, using water or filtrate, allowing the filtration process to …