Microfactory for Filter Bags Developed in Sweden

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Solutions for Filtering Polymers

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Biden Administration Bets the House on Direct Air Capture

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The Filtermaster 2.0 in action.

After an intensive few years of development, ACG Kinna Automatic and ACG Nyström – members of TMAS, the Swedish textile machinery association – have delivered the first microfactory for the …

Filtration of molten polymers plays a critical role in the production of plastics and synthetic fibers.

Ensuring Pure Polymers Through Continuous Filtration It is only within the past two decades that the critical role played by the filtration of molten polymers employed in the production of …

At the Climeworks Orca plant in Iceland, the geological storage of CO2 is handled by Carbfix. It is first dissolved in water and injected into the sub-surface where it reacts with the rock to form solid carbonate minerals. Photo courtesy of Climeworks

Ushering in a huge new opportunity for advanced filtration, on August 11th this year, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced up to $1.2 billion in funding to advance the …

Advancements of washing machines have caused damage on the environment and now are threatening the future health of both humanity and the planet, as implications are become clearer.

In his memorable TedTalk from 2010, the great Swedish physician and academic Hans Rosling, who sadly died in 2017, proposed the washing machine as the greatest invention of modern times. …

3M aims to scale to thousands of miles of the filter material over the next few years. Photo courtesy of Svante/3M

Advancing next-level filtration, 3M is working with Svante Technologies to commercialize a filter media that can trap carbon dioxide (CO2) found in the atmosphere and permanently remove it. Svante, headquartered …