Cabin Air Quality

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Gas Turbine Performance – Why Filters Cannot Fail

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Air Quality: Define to Defend

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Cabin air quality: The increased number of cars has contributed to traffic-related air pollution and public health issues.

What Could Stink in the Nostrils of Automotive Evaporator Cores Rapid economic empowerment is driving a long-term surge in vehicle ownership. The increased number of cars has contributed to traffic-related …

Gas turbines play a crucial role in modern society, enhancing daily life in the industrialized world. Photo Shutterstock

Gas turbines have substantially enriched societies’ living standards, whether by generating shaft power or thrust to enhance our daily lives and activities. We take electrical sockets for granted, relying heavily …

Figure 1: Scanning electron microscope images of various airborne pollutants.

We cannot keep dancing to the rhythm of wildfires, pandemics, and environmental disasters only to address the urgent air quality agenda. If we all aspire to having our cities be …

Figure 1: Various examples of filter failures during operating in HVAC equipment.

While the pandemic granted air quality tremendous attention, air filter selection and installation in HVAC systems remain on the back burner. Filtration systems installed in smart cities to provide a …