Novozymes Invests in New UV Technology
from Danish Lyras

Biotech group Novozymes has invested in a new and energy-friendly filtration replacement from Danish company Lyras. Following a thorough test course, the group purchased its first UV system based on the raslysation technology for inactivation of microorganisms. Raslysation is going to improve work environments and reduce energy consumption for the global market leader in industrial enzymes.

Novozymes’ new raslysation system is going to replace labor-intensive filtration processes that previously caused physical strain on the company’s employees in connection with manual handling of filters. At the same time, the investment is expected to provide increased safety with regard to unwanted microbiology and reduced energy consumption.

Lyras has developed the groundbreaking raslysation technology, which inactivates microorganisms in drinks and other opaque liquids by way of UV light.

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