Introducing All-New, Redesigned ROTH MFM3-S High-Speed Blade Pleater

ROTH MFM3-S paired with the NEW High-Speed MPS-1000 (Black Edition) Mini Pleater.
ROTH MFM3-S paired with the NEW High-Speed MPS-1000 (Black Edition) Mini Pleater.

Breakthrough Performance/Premium Quality/Unbelievable Technology

Pleating Systems & Equipment – a leading supplier of high-quality manufacturing equipment and con-
tract pleating services – specializes in helping filter manufacturers to select the right type of equipment and solutions to fit their filter production needs.

The principals of “PSE” have owned and operated the largest privately owned filter manufacturing facility in the United States from 1996, while simultaneously owning the most successful pleating machine distributorship for over 25 years. We are experts in filter manufacturing, pleating machinery and accessories and understand the challenges manufacturers face. At PSE, we are third-generation filtration family and continue to provide outstanding solutions for our customers.

Next Evolution in Pleating Technology has Arrived

The all-new ROTH MFM3-S CNC Digital Blade Pleater. Next level performance packed with groundbreaking speeds while maintaining utmost precision. ROTH Composite Machinery has set the bar high with industry leading engineering and patented core on an all-new high-speed design.

The ROTH MFM3-S, an incredibly engineered high-speed blade pleating machine, now producing a NEW recordbreaking speed of up to 510 pleats per minute! A perfect balance of high precision pleating and extreme speeds without compromising its robust strength. The remarkable MFM3-S is built to last a lifetime running 24 hrs/7 days a week, process approved.

Roth Industries, partnered with Pleating Systems & Equipment, was founded in 1947, is supported by over 1,000 employees globally, and has long been respected as an innovator in the areas Building & Industrial Equipment Solutions.

ROTH MFM3-S High-Speed Blade Pleater
ROTH MFM3-S High-Speed Blade Pleater

Contract Pleating

PSE continuously runs multiple contract pleating lines to accommodate customer’s overflow pleating requirements, interim machine sale pleating.

Our production lines feature our new CroyBilt Integrated Mini Pleat Systems and the latest High-Speed CNC ROTH Blade Pleaters. Capabilities include 4-300mm pleat heights including glue bead application.

Used Equipment and Trade-In Program

Used pleating equipment can be a great way to get started or expand your growing filtration business. PSE regularly acquires used pleating equipment, often via our trade-in program. Customers can frequently check our website to see what treasures we have in our warehouse.

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  • Integrated Mini-Pleat Systems
  • Servo Rotary Pleaters
  • USED Equipment
  • Contract Pleating
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