Gerard Daniel Launches new Performance™ Series Vibratory Separator Machine Product Line

Gerard Daniel PerforMAX series
Gerard Daniel PerforMAX series

Gerard Daniel Worldwide has rolled out its line of Performance™ Series vibratory separator machines, consisting of three distinct model ranges from 18” to 60”, plus a full complement of screens and parts tailored to each customer’s productivity needs.

The Performance™ line is the culmination of years of engineering to perfect the company’s round vibratory separators, also called screeners. As demand grew from end users, the company saw an opportunity to produce a catalog product with a multitude of customizable options. Thus, the Performance Series was born.

Each Performance vibratory separator machine is well suited for dry separation, wet or dry classification, and liquid-solid separation. By carefully selecting the mesh and stacking multiple screen decks of increasing mesh opening size, users can separate or classify material into several sizes in a single pass.

The 18” Compact™ model, on the small end of the scale, is ideal for lab analysis, occasional use, small batch sizes and startups. It plugs directly into a 120-volt 20-amp outlet and can be fitted with optional locking caster wheels to enable the user to move it easily from one operation to another. It is available with up to 2 screen decks.

The Performa™ model includes 24” and 30” machines, perfect for medium volume applications. Performa is small enough to move around the shop but big enough for some serious throughput all day every day. The Performa can accommodate up to three screen decks as well as locking caster wheels.

The PerforMAX™ models, at 48” and 60”, are the workhorse of the line. These machines can sort, sift, separate or classify at the highest capacities and can accommodate up to four screen decks.

All Performance models come standard with 304 stainless steel screen decks, rings and screens and a powder coated mild steel base. Rugged purpose-build vibratory motors for each model are selected with voltage and amperage suited for the country of use.

Source: Gerard Daniel

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