Sulzer Separation Technologies Selected
for the World’s First e-Methanol Plant

Sulzer Chemtech’s advanced separation technologies are being used to enable the world’s first commercial scale e-methanol plant, constructed by European Energy.

The innovative facility, in Kassø, Aabenraa, Denmark, will produce 32,000 metric tons of carbon neutral fuels per year, helping to decarbonize the heavy transportation sector. As a lightweight fuel produced from solar and wind, e-methanol enables the effective storage and transport of renewable energy.

European Energy is applying an innovative process to convert renewable electricity into e-methanol. The Kassø plant will be supplied with power from the adjacent 300 MW solar park owned by European Energy, and it represents the first step in bringing this e-fuel to market at scale.

Sulzer Chemtech will deliver two distillation units with a customized design to the facility. This key technology will enable the production of e-methanol of extremely high purity for use in combustion engines and as a chemical feedstock. Half of the total plant output, 16,000 metric tons per annum, will be delivered to AP Moller – Maersk to fuel the company’s first container ship capable of operating on green methanol.

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