Porvair’s microfiltration range introduces the 4-lug to its junior filters

Porvair microfiltration cartridge
Porvair 4-lug adaptor to the Microfiltration Junior Cartridge Filter range for small-scale applications.

Porvair Filtration Group recently announced the addition of the 4-lug adaptor to its Junior Cartridge Filter range for small-scale applications.

Following feedback from end users and distribution channels, Porvair designed and manufactured this series to compliment the already comprehensive range of junior cartridge filters.

The new 4-lug filters are suitable for applications that require the retention of bacteria in liquid and for venting in sterile environments.

The junior cartridge offers a choice of media, including proprietary Biofil, Fluorofil, Polyfil, and Microfil for the filtration of gases and liquids for pharmaceutical, food and beverage and process applications.

Designed with 4-lugs and double O-rings, they provide total security, ensuring that the filters are located, locked and engaged correctly first time. This is particularly important in compressed air applications, thereby ensuring that the by-pass of liquids for sterile applications is minimized completely.

For aseptic applications the 4-lug filter can be used for SIP and CIP regimes to maintain sanitary conditions, thus meeting the majority of validation procedures in closed loop systems.

For non-aseptic applications the 4-lug filters offer the versatility of using proven Polyfil and Microfil media. Ideal applications include inks, chemicals and water where low volumes or multi-pass fluid paths require absolute level filtration.

“Porvair strives to be a customer-driven company. We always work to exceed expectations and deliver continuous improvement across all of our operations and therefore have added the 4-lug adaptor to our popular junior filter range as a direct result of customer demand. This addition expands the range to allow the use of Porvair Junior filters where a locking adaptor is required,” said Mike Hughes, general manager of Porvair.

Porvair manufactures a wide range of disposable polymeric filters for use within the biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, industrial and chemical process, printing and validated filters industries.


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