Rosedale Products brings its diversified filtration capability to bear

Deborah Rosaen Lunde, President, Rosedale Products Inc.
Deborah Rosaen Lunde, President, Rosedale Products Inc.

IFN recently interviewed Deborah Rosaen Lunde, president at Rosedale Products, Inc., a company with more than 50 years of experience. Rosedale is a filtration technology developer primarily in the field of liquid filtration systems and waste minimization products for customers worldwide. Rosedale technicians help customers find the best optimized approaches to filtration needs. Together with ongoing innovation and support from the team of in-house engineers and application specialists, Rosedale provides comprehensive solutions for most every critical industry filtration need.

Rosedale manufactures industrial filtration products for virtually any application and industry where filters are required. With a vast product line that suits many needs, as well as the flexibility to customize standard products, Rosedale’s staff has the knowledge to give clients confidence that their filter solution is the best available for their specific need, whether cartridges, liquid bags, small and larger housings, and many other custom products – a list too long to mention here.

Ed Gregor: What are the leading product or areas where Rosedale is seeking new customers?

Deborah Rosaen Lunde: Our target has always been to the industrial filtration market, meaning that liquid bag filters and basket strainers are applied/used virtually everywhere in industry, and we have a focus there to provide these products to the market. That being said, we have seen additional market needs for customized skids, automation packages, as well as some newly developed backwashing filters that we look to develop further into the market. We have also been developing and providing a newly designed filter media that can remove oil, purify via activated carbon fiber, as well as designs that carry NSF 61 certification.

Rosedale’s manufacturing facilities
Rosedale’s manufacturing facilities provide the flexibility to scale up to meet customer needs as required. Photo courtesy of Rosedale Products

Ed Gregor: Are these products made in the United States?

Deborah Rosaen Lunde: These products are being developed and manufactured in our U.S.-based manufacturing facilities.

Ed Gregor: Tell us about your internal filter housing capability?

Deborah Rosaen Lunde: With over 150,000 square feet  of manufacturing space, specific to housings,  we have the ability to expand as our business requires. The facilities include approximately 50 weld cells, robotic welding and fabricating machinery, full in-house machining and cutting equipment, and a large materials inventory to produce products rapidly. We have the capability of producing tens of thousands of pressure vessels annually with many of these meeting and or registered to applicable requirement standards, such as, ASME Boiler Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII Div. 1 U, UM and R. We also provide many NSF61 and Canadian Registration Pressure Vessels each year, as well as many other international specification standards by specific client need. Rosedale carries ISO 9001:2015 certification in our facilities.

Ed Gregor: What else do you manufacture?

Deborah Rosaen Lunde: Rosedale’s core line of manufacturing is bag filters, basket strainers and cartridge filters.  We also manufacture many other filtration equipment products including: duplex and multiplex filter skids with manual or automatic sequencing, automatic backwashing filters, solid liquid separators, high flow, high pressure as well as high temperature filters, corrosion-resistant and high-alloy filters, sanitary filter designs, portable filter carts and more. In addition to these other filter products we manufacture our line of filter bag media, as well as custom-machined components giving us more opportunities to be innovative to meet the needs of our customers.

Another trend we have seen is that more clients are recognizing the importance of pre-filtration and/or series filtration. The upfront coarser filters are key to significantly extending filter system life and efficiency.

Ed Gregor: What else can you tell us about the cartridges you supply?

Deborah Rosaen Lunde: We supply our line of Rosedale pleated bag cartridges, Platinum Series cartridges, AB series absolute pleated, Rosedale and industry high-flow cartridge elements, stainless steel and membrane service cartridges, 718 elements, conventional wound and meltblown types, as well as other specialty cartridges as per client need.

Ed Gregor: Now, what about your specialty of custom production. What do you produce?

Deborah Rosaen Lunde: We can produce specialty filter skid packages, custom pressure vessels, specialty tanks, bulk media vessels, coalescers, specialty machined components for pressure vessel internals, as well as for other industries and applications.

Ed Gregor: What are the industries where Rosedale does the most business?

Deborah Rosaen Lunde: Rosedale is familiar with and supplies many industries: Machine Tool, Automotive, Water, Industrial, Energy & Petrochemical, Food & Beverage and Specialty Engineering.

Ed Gregor: Do you sell direct or through distributors?

Deborah Rosaen Lunde: Rosedale sells through a network of authorized distributors, as well as local, regional and national resellers. We also sell through online retail vendors, and we handle some areas through our direct contact teams.

Ed Gregor: Trend wise, what are the most important trends you have seen in recent years?

Deborah Rosaen Lunde: One trend we have seen is that more clients are wanting more developed skid packages and automation vs. stand-alone filters that they would install along with their other equipment. This can be done with proper design information and detail so the clients can save time, cost and single source; or this can be problematic in some situations where individual parts and design need to come from other outside sources.

Another trend we have seen is that more clients are recognizing the importance of pre-filtration and/or series filtration. The upfront coarser filters are key to significantly extending filter system life and efficiency. This trend is very important for much better protection of valuable downstream equipment and/or even other highly-valued downstream finer filtration.

Lastly, there has been a trend in the last several years away from the historic distribution filter houses. Previously, well represented companies specializing in filters were in every major area of the country. We now see less areas covered, as many of these smaller distribution companies are fading away. We deal with the growing number of national distribution chains and e-commerce companies as needed to handle many client needs. With this trend, our teams have increased their availability and opportunity to work technically with clients as needed while maintaining the ability of not only providing filter products and equipment off the shelf, yet also solving some of their filtration problems.

For more information about Rosedale Products, contact Ken Smith, National Sales Manager at

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