JCEM to bring high-end pleating equipment to FiltXPO

JCEM Blade Pleating
JCEM was the first company worldwide to offer servo/CNC-controlled blade pleating machinery. And since its debut over 20 years ago, JCEM has positioned itself as the machine of choice by the biggest names in filtration and beyond. From the all-new P7 to the classic P3 series, JCEM has a digital pleater for your needs.

Swiss-made precision for innovative CNC pleating solutions

JCEM Group, which includes JCEM GmbH (Switzerland), TAG GmbH (Germany) and JCEM Inc. (USA), is the global leader for all types of pleating equipment, offering the world’s most innovative, efficient, and robust pleating systems available. Our lineup consists of the latest generation P7 model offering world-record pleating speeds, turnkey blade & mini pleat systems, cabin air lines, custom requirements, and much more.

JCEM’s POWER PLEATER P6 is designed to meet the needs of pleating jobs that would normally require two pleaters – pleating and compressing the heaviest mesh or stainless media, while also supporting all other materials covering the full pleat range from 4 mm up to 300 mm.

Additional peripheral equipment is available, like multi-layer unwinding stations, servo-driven in-line slitters or perforators, post-pleating equipment, such as in-line vertical package cutters for multiple pleat pack production or cross cutters for crush or shear cut.

JCEM Slitting Equipment
JCEM’s shear cut inline slitting process is the most popular accessory the company sells, as it allows manufacturers using multi-layer materials, including wire mesh and nettings, to slit material in-line with the pleating process. No longer do you have to purchase pre-slit material from your media or mesh suppliers and inventory countless slit widths or use a crude and often dangerous secondary post-cutting device offline. Now you can slit to width in-line with the pleating process to consolidate to only a couple of different material widths. Plus, you can use the inline slitter to create multiple slit-widths, which yields an even higher throughput! It’s a win-win-win!


JCEM Unwinding Equipment
JCEM roll stands are not simply just a stand for your media; they are engineered machines that aid in the pleating process. Each web of media is individually and optically controlled and each has its own motor drive and frequency inverter. This allows each layer of media to be completely separated until the very last entry point into the pleater.


JCEM Cross-Cutting Equipment
JCEM offers semi-automatic cross-cutting machinery designed for cutting across the width of the pleated material. These units are typically designed to cut at the apex of the pleat, but custom solutions can also be offered. JCEM will work with you to determine whether your application is best suited for shear-cut, crush-cut, or ultrasonic.

Visit JCEM Group at FiltXPO: Booth #824


This content is sponsored by JCEM Group.

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