Digital water platform simplifies quality control


Managing difficult compliance standards, controlling cost, and effectively communicating has never been easier. 120Water provides turnkey solutions for managing safe drinking water programs in order to reduce risk and protect public health now and in the future.

120Water’s digital water platform is an all-in-one solution for drinking water programs, providing all the elements needed to automate sampling, centralize data, and achieve success. They serve public water systems, government agencies, and facilities looking to monitor water quality and run their compliance events.


Founded in 2016, 120Water is led by a team of water and software veterans with a proven track record of building incredible technology companies. Founder & CEO Megan Glover has led the company to bring their solutions to 180,000 sample sites across the United States for clients including the city of Newark (NJ), Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, Chicago Public Schools, and Indiana Finance Authority.

In addition, 120Water’s innovative solution has received several nods of recognition from industry leaders, including winning the 2017 Rise of the Rest competition, taking home top honors at ImagineH2O’s 2019 World Water Day & winning their Accelerator Program, and winning the 2019 WEFTEC “Croc Tank” Pitch competition.

120Water Software Platform
120Water’s software platform automates the sampling process for water quality management. Image: 120Water

3 key features:

Digital Sampling Kits & Pitcher/Filters allow water professionals to eliminate the need to keep costly, error-prone kit inventory on hand and automate a touch-free drop-ship process to fulfill samples and pitcher/filters.

  • Automate kit delivery & testing: 120Water offers water quality sample kits that automate the entire collection process. The EPA-approved kits include fulfillment, tracking, testing, analysis, and reporting.
  • Collect kits faster, and at a lower cost: Each sample bottle comes pre-packed with simple, effective instructions that ensure the sample is expected before it arrives and then is received, collected appropriately, returned, and successfully analyzed.
  • View results in real-time: The kits include all site-specific Chain of Custody forms, pre-paid return shipping labels, and automated tracking available via the 120Water digital platform.
  • Keep consumers safe with pitcher/filters: 120Water can automate sending NSF 53 pitcher/filters to all consumers throughout a program to filter out contaminants and ensure they’re safe.

Cloud-Based Software centralizes all data to enable users to seamlessly plan, manage, and execute water programs at scale, triggering communications, automating workflows, and ingesting all relevant sample data.

  • Triggered Communications: Automatically report compliance data or other relevant information to key stakeholders.
  • Compliance Management: Run compliance events from start to finish by creating and applying automated workflows.
  • Data Management: Integrate, centralize, and capture key data directly from the field, including location, inventory, and remediation inputs.

Professional Services offer guidance for every customer, providing proven best practices on program design, technical support, field testing, and data management.

  • Program design: Regardless of the kind of drinking water program you are responsible for, 120Water’s services team has the knowledge and experience to advise on best practices.
  • Data support: Have data spread across several databases, spreadsheets, and filing cabinets? 120Water works directly with you to centralize it all in the 120Water platform.
  • Field testing: 120Water can work directly with your field workers to ensure they are equipped to use our platform and kits any time, any place to get their jobs done.

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