Neenah Filtration’s new filter media offers two surfaces with two different characteristics in a single medium

Neenah Filtration Curing, Non-curing Filter Media

Neenah Filtration announced a new filter media, which incorporates a patented asymmetric saturation technology and combines the benefits of curing and non-curing resins in one single medium. The two-sided media provides different characteristics, which unlocks advantages.

When processing filter media in the automotive sector, for example, it is important to ensure a certain rigidity of the material for optimal and fast processing. At the same time, the material should be designed in such a way that pleat lines and dimples created during the pleating process are reliably produced without damaging the media. Neenah’s saturation technique provides this robustness without jeopardizing the medium’s pleatability.

Another key function of this “asymmetric saturation” (or ability to combine different resin systems on one media) is that it allows tailor-made media to meet individual customer needs.

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