Movers & Shakers December 2023: Asahi Kasei Develops Novel Membrane System

Compact Dehydration Membrane System and Hollow Fiber Membranes for Dehydration.
Compact Dehydration Membrane System and Hollow Fiber Membranes for Dehydration.

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Most recent update: December 21, 2023

Micronics Engineered Filtration Group Announces Strategic Acquisition of SOLAFT

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group, announced the strategic acquisition from Enviro Technologies Pty Ltd. of SOLAFT® Filtration Solutions, an innovative global industrial filtration solutions provider with in-house product design; in-house textile laboratories, analytical services, and R&D facilities; and manufacturing operations in Australia, Brazil, China, and India.

Chris Cummins
Chris Cummins

The acquisition of Solaft expands Micronics’ portfolio of engineered filtration solutions and its geographic footprint to better serve their global customers’ filtration needs in industries such as aluminum, alumina, mining, power generation, and steel, where demanding environmental/emissions control needs require deep technical filtration expertise, application knowledge, and a localized, consultative approach.

“I am very excited and pleased to welcome Solaft to the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group! We have had a successful, long-standing strategic partnership with Solaft in North America with StarBagsTM and we are now looking forward to working with our talented new Solaft teammates in Australia, Brazil, China, India, and the USA as we bring together our combined capabilities and technical expertise to better serve our valued global industrial filtration customers,” said Chris Cummins, President and CEO of the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group.


In addition to StarBagsTM for addressing operating constraints in underperforming baghouses, Solaft has strong intellectual property (IP) and a robust focus on new product development including a growing pipeline of strong liquid filtration, dry filtration, and pneumatic conveying products and brands such as Kelly Filters, PrimaPress, PrimaDisc, PrimaFlowTM, PrimaTherm, DuraSlide TM, and PTronik Smart Dust and Air Controllers for Remote Monitoring.

“We are excited to join forces with the Micronics Engineered Filtration Group, a strong industrial filtration solutions leader. From the beginning of our association, it has been clear that there is a great fit with Micronics and we are well-aligned with our vision for providing global customers with industry-leading filtration solutions for process filtration and environmental protection for a better future. We will be in good hands with Micronics,” according to Justin Gallagher, CEO of SOLAFT® Filtration Solutions.

Asahi Kasei Develops Novel Membrane System

Asahi Kasei has developed a novel membrane system for dehydrating organic solvents for pharmaceutical applications without the application of heat or pressure. This system can contribute to the optimization of manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical industry. The company has now begun collaborating with Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., of Osaka, Japan, for the practical verification of this system.

Compact Dehydration Membrane System and Hollow Fiber Membranes for Dehydration.
Compact Dehydration Membrane System and Hollow Fiber Membranes for Dehydration.

Used to dissolve active ingredients and intermediates, organic solvents play an essential role in the manufacturing process of pharmaceuticals. To achieve the desired results in various process such as reactions and crystallization, such solvents need to be dehydrated. Standard dehydration methods such as vacuum distillation require the application of heat. These methods are not only time- and energy-intensive, but may also have undesired effects on the pharmaceutical intermedi-ates contained in the organic solution, especially those which are sensitive to heat.

Asahi Kasei is a global manufacturer of membranes which are utilized in various industries, including virus removal filters and water treatment membranes. Asahi Kasei has now further leveraged its expertise to develop a novel dehydration membrane system including a hollow-fiber module and draw solution for organic solvents in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. This system utilizes the phenomenon of osmosis, in which a liquid moves through a semipermeable membrane due to concentration differences. The development of the forward osmosis membrane and the draw solution enables the removal of water without the loss of intermediates.

Being able to handle highly soluble liquids such as tetrahydrofuran (THF), toluene or methanol, this membrane system can dehydrate organic solvents below 1,000 ppm without applying heat or pressure, thereby minimizing the impact on heat-sensitive pharmaceutical intermediates. In addi-tion, compared to the conventional technology of vacuum distillation, the process time required can be shortened and energy consumption can be significantly reduced. The membrane system can be used with a variety of organic solvents, including alcohols, ethers, esters, and hydrocarbons.

Metso launches High Efficiency Scrubber Optimizer

During the last decades, Metso specialists have built a vast technical knowledge base on wet gas cleaning, enabling continuous improvement of the operation and performance of gas cleaning equipment and entire plants. Metso is now launching the High Efficiency Scrubber (HES) Optimizer, a digital tool that combines internal process calculations with measurements available at site to enable energy savings in the operation of Venturi-type scrubbers in wet gas cleaning plants.

Metso's High Efficiency Scrubber Optimizer
Metso’s High Efficiency Scrubber Optimizer

The High Efficiency Scrubber effectively captures impurity particles in wet gas cleaning plants. However, a significant pressure drop is required to achieve this. Precise adaptation of the pressure drop to the process conditions – the capacity and duty of the wet gas cleaning in general – can enable substantial energy savings while meeting performance targets. This is exactly what the HES Optimizer is designed to do.

“We are excited to launch the High Efficiency Scrubber Optimizer. Together with the Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) Optimizer we introduced last year, there is a significant increase in the flexibility of our gas cleaning plants and solutions. It allows the consumption of electrical power and water to be reduced, while still meeting the overall performance targets,” explained Leif Skilling, Director, Gas Cleaning at Metso.

Benefits of the Metso High Efficiency Scrubber Optimizer are:

  • Adapts pressure drop to process conditions, enabling energy savings
  • HES and WESP sections can be jointly optimize
    • Increased energy savings potential
    • Supplements WESP low load optimization: ensuring that performance targets are met while the WESP Optimizer equipment protection sequence is running
  • Enables faster and more accurate online support from Metso experts

The HES Optimizer utilizes existing instrumentation and is always tailored to the needs of the specific customer by Metso experts. Commissioning and online support services are available as part of the HES Optimizer license.

Atmus Filtration Technologies Opens Center in India

Avani Shah – Atmus India Global Capability Center Leader, Steph Disher – Atmus CEO, and Greg Hoverson – Atmus CTO attend inauguration, cutting the ribbon to signify the occasion of opening the new center in India.
Avani Shah – Atmus India Global Capability Center Leader, Steph Disher – Atmus CEO, and Greg Hoverson – Atmus CTO attend inauguration, cutting the ribbon to signify the occasion of opening the new center in India.

Atmus Filtration Technologies Inc., a global leader in filtration and media solutions, announced the inauguration of its state-of-the-art Global Capability Center in Pune, India.

The opening of the Global Capability Center marks a major milestone for the company in its continued focus to design and manufacture high-performing filtration systems. Building on the over 65 years of experience and continued innovation from Atmus, the Global Capability Center is designed to enhance collaboration and cross-functional learning and employs advanced analytics to facilitate the development of cutting-edge filtration technologies that adhere to the highest industry standards.

“At Atmus, our focus has always been towards advancing technological frontiers and cultivating a culture of innovation – and our new Global Capability Center in India allows us to take the next steps in delivering high-performing, proven solutions to our customers,” said Greg Hoverson, Chief Technical Officer at Atmus.

Situated strategically in heart of Pune, the Global Capability Center will employ over 100 skilled professionals and is spread across 16,000 square feet, catering to various markets, such as truck, bus, construction, mining and power generation across the globe. This new facility will support many of Atmus’s global business functions including engineering, purchasing, product management, IT, supply chain, quality, HR, finance and advanced analytics.

Mott to Provide Filtration Technology for South Korean Chemical Project

Mott Corporation, a global leader in filtration and flow control solutions, announced a new eight-figure agreement with South Korean refinery S-OIL. Mott and its Korean partner DL E&C are teaming up to provide critical filtration technology for S-OIL’s groundbreaking Shaheen project in Ulsan, South Korea.

This new partnership strengthens Mott’s position as one of the world’s top designers and manufacturers of filtration and flow control technology for a range of industries, including aerospace and defense, clean energy, healthcare, and petrochemical refining. Mott has delivered best-in-class engineering and technical services for customers in those industries and others for more than sixty years.

S-OIL held a groundbreaking ceremony at the largest-ever domestic petrochemical project ‘SHAHEEN’ at the Ulsan Refinery in South Korea in 2023. 

The Company is investing 9.258 trillion Won in the construction of the complex scheduled to be completed in 2026.
S-OIL held a groundbreaking ceremony at the largest-ever domestic petrochemical project ‘SHAHEEN’ at the Ulsan Refinery in South Korea in 2023. The Company is investing 9.258 trillion Won in the construction of the complex scheduled to be completed in 2026.

“This new partnership advances our strategy to apply our world class filtration and flow control technology to a variety of end markets,” said Patrick Hill, VP of Process Systems, Americas, at Mott. “We’re proud to partner with DL E&C to deliver this custom-engineered filtration system and play a part in the ambitious Shaheen project.”

The Shaheen project will produce chemicals including ethylene, one of the most widely used chemicals in the world, which enables production of everything from plastics to textiles. Mott’s advanced filter system removes fine particulates present in feeder streams for chemical conversion processes. The system is designed to run fully automated, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without shutdown.

Motion & Control Enterprises Acquires Filter Resources Inc.

Motion & Control Enterprises announced that it has acquired Pasadena, Texas-based Parker Hannifin Filtration (Houston) LLC, dba Filter Resources Inc., an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Parker Hannifin Corporation.

Motion & Control Enterprises (MCE)
Motion & Control Enterprises (MCE)

Filter Resources Inc. is a distributor of mission critical, process filtration products for the downstream O&G, petrochemical, and specialty chemical markets, offering a complete range of liquid and air process filtration solutions. The company operates two locations in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and Pasadena, Texas, and was previously part of the Parker Industrial Process Filtration division.

Basin Water Resources Unveils Exciting New Rebranding as Expansa

Basin Water Resources, a privately held U.S. based industrial and municipal water treatment solutions provider, announced its rebranding as Expansa. The renaming and launch of its revitalized brand identity marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey.

Team Expansa at New Houston Headquarters.
Team Expansa at New Houston Headquarters.

The refreshed brand identity embodies the company’s evolution while staying true to its vision where we see a world in which business and the people within them are operating at full capacity. This rebranding initiative reflects the culmination of 12 months of strategic planning, market research, and creative collaboration to better resonate with our audience and adapt to changing market dynamics.

Franklin Water Treatment Acquires Assets of Action Manufacturing & Supply, Inc.

Franklin Electric Co., Inc. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Franklin Water Treatment, LLC, has acquired the assets of Action Manufacturing & Supply, Inc., a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of residential water conditioning, filtration, and indoor/outdoor aeration systems since 1980 with operations in Florida and North Carolina. The operating results of the acquired business will be reported in the company’s Water Systems business segment.

Franklin Water Treatment

Don Line, President of Franklin Water Treatment commented: “We are excited to incorporate the business of Action Manufacturing & Supply into our existing business as we continue to strengthen and expand our channels and products in key geographic areas for water treatment. Action’s commitment to quality and reputation for service excellence aligns with Franklin’s customer-driven approach to our businesses.”

Franklin Water Treatment, LLC provides products, services, and system solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial point of use and point of entry water treatment products, in a wide variety of markets and applications.

Porvair plc Announces Acquisition of European Filter Corporation

Porvair plc, has acquired 100% of the share capital of European Filter Corporation NV (EFC), a filtration business based in Lummen, Belgium.

European Filter Corporation NV has expertise in the manufacture of mist elimination filters used in the production of industrial feedstocks and well-established industrial filtration sales channels in northeast Europe.

Revenues for EFC in 2023 are expected to be around €10.5 million. It is expected to be earnings enhancing in its first year. Following this acquisition, the Group enters the 2024 financial year with a modest cash surplus.

Porvair logo

EFC will join the Group’s Aerospace & Industrial division, bringing complementary products and engineering as well as strengthening European routes to market.

The Group expects to deliver earnings ahead of market expectations with higher margin on revenues likely to be similar to those of 2022. Stronger demand in aerospace, petrochemical and water markets has been offset by de-stocking in laboratory and industrial consumable markets. Net cash at 30 November 2023 was approximately £14 million.

Porvair is a group of specialist filtration, laboratory and environmental technology businesses. Its businesses design and manufacture a range of bespoke consumable filtration products that are used in a range of niche filtration markets. It operates in three divisions: Aerospace & Industrial; Laboratory; and Metal Melt Quality.

Spiral Water Technologies Introduces New Filtration System for Biogas Production

Spiral Water Technologies, a leader in advanced automatic self-cleaning filtration and separation, has introduced a new wastewater treatment system for the production of biogas. This system, which integrates the company’s proven technology with specialized process flow conditioning, is in use at several dairy farms around the U.S. As part of a multi-stage separation approach, it has been shown to condition feedstocks for higher yield gas production and lower OpEx.

Biogas results from decomposition of organic matter in anaerobic conditions. This organic matter comes from various sources, including farm animal waste products such as manure. Spiral Water’s products effectively filter this wastewater stream and also concentrate solids, which can then be converted to fertilizer and sold.

Placed before an anaerobic digester, the new Spiral Water system also conditions and optimizes volatile Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Volatile Suspended Solids (VSS) by breaking down deformable solids and making for a more nutrient-rich feedstock liquor that then goes through the specifically selected micron screens to the digester. Depending on the feedstock, with this system the anaerobic digesters are expected to create 10-30 percent more methane in the same footprint in a shorter digestion cycle time.

In addition, because the filters clean mechanically, they also remove non-digestibles from the wastewater stream. By keeping digester tanks cleaner, the filters also help to reduce OpEx.

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