Magnetic Products, Inc., updates Filter Bag Magnet (FBM) to enable cost and time savings

MPI Filter Bag MagnetMPI Filter Bag Magnets (FBM Series) collect ferrous metal that would otherwise be collected in the bag filter. Installing the MPI rare earth filter bag magnet inside the bag filter significantly reduces the frequency required to clean and replace bag filters, according to MPI. MPI’s rare earth magnetic circuit generates over 10,000 gauss on product contact areas for maximum tramp metal retention, which significantly outperforms ceramic and alnico designs. The powerful magnet reduces tramp metal plugging and cutting filter bags.

FBM’s are designed for easy installation, cleaning and removal. Standard 316 stainless steel sturdy welded construction is durable against wear and damage. The liquid tight, fully welded design ensures no water ingress, which can damage the magnet. The full length magnetic tube maximizes tramp metal retention. A four clover handle grip centers the magnet in the housing vessel device. The nonmetallic stripper eases routine cleaning of the magnetic tube. Implementing a magnetic bag filtration system allows the liquid to flow around the magnetic field and capture any ferrous particles in a magnetic trap. The magnetic tube filter is then removed, cleaned and ready for reinsertion into the bag filter to be used again.

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