Mann+Hummel announces self-cleaning filter for industrial applications

Self-cleaning air filter ENTARON XR

ENTARON XR is Mann+Hummel’s air filter that cleans itself, eliminating the risky manual cleaning of the air filter element.

A common practice is manual mechanical cleaning of the filter element, which can result in damage. If the damaged element continues to be used, this can lead to increased wear on the engine and even engine damage.

Utilizing impulse cleaning technology, Mann+Hummel’s ENTARON XR provides a maintenance interval that is up to 25 times longer, less manual service, reduced downtimes and higher machine availability.

The ENTARON XR is based on the ENTARON XD two-stage air filter. A solenoid valve connected to a compressed air reservoir triggers a compressed pneumatic pressure surge, which is directed through a nozzle into the air filter. This leads to cleaning and frees the surface of the filter element from dust and dirt particles. A pressure sensor installed on the air filter gives the signal, which automatically triggers pulse cleaning by the vehicle electronics. The released dust is then extracted via the fan system or the exhaust system.

The ENTARON XR also features the MICROGRADE A-C-ME F1 filter media, which is a new development and combines the durability of conventional cellulose‑based filter media with a high-performance PTFE membrane. The membrane prevents filter pores from being irreversibly clogged with fine dust particles and enables consistently reproducible cleanability. In addition, the membrane provides protection for the engine components against harmful dust. The separation efficiency for fine test dust is higher than 99.997 percent. As a result, the passage of dust is reduced by roughly a factor of 50 compared to conventional cellulose-based filter media.

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