DuPont Water Solutions launches TapTec RO membrane filter for point-of-use systems

DuPont TapTec LC HF-4040 reverse-osmosis (RO) mem

DuPont Water Solutions (DWS) launched DuPont TapTec LC HF-4040 reverse-osmosis (RO) membrane filter. Compact and affordable, this product combines advanced features, such as high flow rates, with reliability and ease-of-use.

Beyond the large-scale utility water systems that serve users, there is also a tremendous need for effective and efficient water purification at point-of-use, especially in office buildings, restaurants, hotels and resorts. One of the big challenges there is the cost-effectiveness and ease-of-use of advanced water treatment technologies.

To bring the advantages of large-scale reverse osmosis (RO) membrane filtration to more decentralized and commercial infrastructure use, DuPont launched the DuPont TapTec LC HF-4040 RO membrane filter. The product combines advanced features such as high flow rates, with reliability and ease-of-use.

The membrane elements are spiral-wound from a polyamide thin-film composite. They perform at an average flow rate of 2,800 gallons per day (10.6 m3/d) and have a minimum salt rejection of 98.5%.

As such, they are ideally suited to provide affordable drinking quality water on site as part of an engineered system that can be designed for a variety of automation needs.

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