Innovators in textile finishing since 1901

TSG process to production model.
TSG process to production model.

Founded in 1901, TSG Finishing is now in its fifth generation of family leadership. The company has spent more than one hundred years creating customized finishing solutions for a variety of textile products. Results of over a century’s worth of experience refining and applying high-performance technologies to meet our customer’s needs.

TSG specializes in taking a customer concept and providing the full spectrum of development and analysis, evolving into the final product. TSG Finishing LLC serves industries including, Geotextiles, Filtration, Transportation, Marine, Medical, Military, Automotive, Contract, Residential, Apparel, Construction, Flooring, Roofing, Warehousing and Distribution. For many decades TSG’s history of working with all types of textile products and chemistries has allowed them to open doors to industrial markets, all while continually expanding their filtration division.

Molecular water model
Molecular water model. Photo courtesy of TSG Finishing

The TSG Finishing design team uses comprehensive knowledge of chemistry and coating technology to be industry leaders in the development of concept thru production. The option of full toll manufacturing ensures commercial success of products from a cost and process viability standpoint. Many customers rely on TSG for the materialization of their concepts using woven or nonwoven materials. Filters often involve a fibrous substrate that does not inherently contain all the desired functionality. TSG has full capabilities of closing a substrate using such methods as coatings and fluid repellants to prevent excessive liquid from clogging air filters, and application of binders used to stiffen or texturize the filter material. Chemical formulation is one of the exceptional attributes that allows TSG to push the envelope and think outside the box on any given project.

Multi-layer air filter
Multi-layer air filter. Photo courtesy of TSG Finishing

TSG’s expertise is in formulation using the base building blocks of polymers, additives, surfactants, rheology modifiers, and functional fillers. With its extremely strong network and association of many chemical manufacturers, TSG is always on the forefront of new technology. It prides itself on its teams’ capabilities to rapidly build products following the path of theoretical design, lab prototypes, and production. Not only is TSG self-sufficient, but they are utilized by many companies to assist in “filling in the gaps” of its customers’ development processes.

With wide market diversity, TSG’s network of suppliers amplifies its skill to produce with exceptional speed, while providing cost- and time-saving options to its customers.

All services, including onsite technical support, are provided in the United States.


  • Translating product idea into proof of concept design
  • Lab prototyping of new technology and know-how
  • Converting proof of concept into full-scale production
  • Evolving technology through chemical & mechanical environments
  • Comprehensive on-site consulting and support

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