Camfil releases its next generation of CamGT air inlet filter line

Camfil Power Systems has released its latest generation of the CamGT product line featuring hydrophobic, low, and stable pressure drop air inlet filters designed to boost turbomachinery performance. 

The new generation includes three models: the CamGT 4V-300 has a reduced initial pressure drop at 200Pa; the CamGT 3v-400 features a pressure drop performance initially at 155 Pa; and the CamGT 3V-600 has an initial pressure drop at 135 Pa. CamGT filters are offered from ISO ePMI 75% to E12 efficiency and have been tested to industry standards in efficiency, burst strength and water repellency per ISO 16890:2016, EN1822:2019, and the upcoming standards ISO29461-3 and ISO 29461-7.


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