Advanced separation technologies acquired by Trucent, Inc.

Advanced Separation Technologies (AST) announced May 7, 2019 that it has finalized the sale of all the assets and rights relating to Advanced Separation Technologies (CentraSep®) and AST Leasing collectively referred to as AST/CentraSep to Dexter, MI based Trucent, Inc.

AST/CentraSep becomes part of the Trucent family of companies and will be known as Trucent CentraSep Technologies.

Trucent and AST/CentraSep are no strangers to each other, with Trucent selling CentraSep centrifuges as part of its product offerings for years.

Tom Czartoski, CEO and owner of Trucent, said, “The CentraSep acquisition merges two great and complementary separation companies and elevates our game by adding a division with a talented management team, and an established presence in North America, Asia, Europe and South America, along with the industry leading technology.”

Both the Trucent and AST/CentraSep leadership teams see this as an important step in the futures of the companies. The former AST/CentraSep operation will remain in Noblesville, IN, and Jeff Beattey, founder and CEO, will remain as the president of the Trucent CentraSep Technologies division. “We are excited to bring these two dynamic companies together, leveraging our collective engineering talents, skilled team members and world class customer commitment. Trucent has a fundamental knowledge around the science of fluid separation, excellent laboratory and analytical skills, and a broad onsite service network throughout North America.”

About AST/CentraSep
Based in Noblesville, IN, AST developed CentraSep centrifugal separators for liquid/solid separation and the purification of industrial process fluids. The company has a strong presence in the solar panel production, glass grinding, wire draw, paint and a variety of other industries. CentraSep is a market leader given its simplicity in design, reliability, and overall fluid separation performance utilizing its technology with an install base in 22 countries across the globe.

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About Trucent
Based in Dexter, MI, Trucent is a leading provider of fluid purification technologies and services, servicing multiple markets throughout North America. Bringing “science and service to separation” Trucent helps its customers extract valued products from mixtures such as corn oil, and reclaim contaminated fluids such as industrial metalworking fluids. The combination of expert process analytics, fluid separation expertise, technology development, and site-based customer services creates new co-product streams, lowers operating costs, and improves quality.

Additional information about Trucent is available at

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