Orival’s automatic self-cleaning filters

Electrically driven automatic self-cleaning filters have been around for over forty years. Many customers for filtration equipment could not justify these high-priced filters. Such filters did not always show much robustnessÔÇöcomponent failures were frequent. As the years passed, reliability improved but cost didn’t. The ORE/A series of filters by Orival, Inc. have earned the reputation not only of robustness but of being economical as well.

ORIVAL Model ORE/A Self-cleaning Filter
ORIVAL Model ORE/A Self-cleaning Filter

Limit switches have been eliminated; threaded shafts are no longer exposed to dirty environments and drive motors no longer need to reverse direction. Controls are simpler and available screen area has expanded. While others use spring loaded screen cleaning nozzles that wear against the screen element, ORE/A models take advantage of a slight decrease in pressure at the nozzle opening to garner a small hydraulic gradient acting on the cleaning nozzle to hold the nozzle tip lightly against the screen surface reducing wear. All of this has been done to enhance performance and increase reliability while minimizing price. ORE/A filters come in a wide range of sizes with inlet and outlet connections of 2 to 24 inches. Filtration degrees range from 5 to 3000 microns.

Orival offers complete designs of manifolds and piping to mount multiple filter units in parallel to address any flow rate.

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