Whitehouse Scientific CEO presents image analysis technique for robust particle size measurement at PARTEC 2016

Dr. Graham Rideal, CEO of particle sizing standards company Whitehouse Scientific, will present an image analysis technique to ensure accurate, robust and reproducible particle size measurements at PARTEC 2016, the International Congress on Particle Technology (Nurnberg, Germany: 19-21 April 2016), in a paper entitled Particle size analysis – Investigating Measurement Uncertainties in the Development of a Robust Validation.

Participating in the Applications of Particle Technology session at PARTEC, Dr. Rideal will speak on the challenges of proving that the imaging technique employed measures the correct dimension constantly and consistently throughout the analysis process. His paper investigates methods to ensure the validity of results and addresses all the elements that could be challenged in proving an unbroken link to the international definition of the meter, including the use of linear graticules, 2-dimensional grids and circles and 3-dimensional reference particles.

“The current generation of equipment claiming to measure particle size employs a variety of techniques such as light scattering, settling velocity, particle volume and the area obscured by light, to name but a few,” explained Dr. Rideal. “Each of these instruments converts the ‘measurements’ generated into the universally recognized ‘equivalent spherical size’. This is creating a potential issue where the operator cannot be confident that the measurements produced by the different techniques are actually correct and consistent with internationally accredited standards.

“My paper will guide users through the crucial parts of any image analysis operation to ensure results are meaningful, defendable and above all, correct. By implementing good practice throughout the analysis process to address key elements such as equipment set-up, calibration, illumination and focus, operators can minimise measurement uncertainty and it becomes easier to work within the parameters necessary for robust, reproducible and valid results.”

As part of the PARTEC exhibition, Whitehouse Scientific will be introducing a new image analysis calibration service for test sieves, providing the most precise and all-embracing analysis of sieves currently available. The company will also be showcasing new extensions to its range of sieve standards (up to 5mm) and monodisperse glass beads (up to 2mm).

To obtain a copy of Dr. Rideal’s paper, Particle size analysis – Investigating Measurement Uncertainties in the Development of a Robust Validation, and for more information about Whitehouse Scientific’s full range of products and services visit www.whitehousescientific.com.

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