Wogaard and Eclipse Magnetics launch green solution for coolant and oil handling in metalworking

Wogaard and Eclipse Magnetics announced the collaborative green solution to save up to 50% of coolant and oil in metalworking systems. The MagSaver Kit combines Wogaard’s coolant saver with Eclipse Magnetics’ compact magnetic filter, the MicroMag.  The coolant saver automatically reclaims coolant dragged out into the swarf bin from the conveyor during  machine operation while the MicroMag removes fine-particle, ferrous contamination.

The MagSaver kit minimizes coolant disposal costs by up to 90%, extending fluid life without the need for consumables. With cleaner fluid, the kit also minimizes health and safety risks through exposure to contamination.  In accordance with HSE and COSHH guidelines, magnetic filtration is an effective way to maintain metalworking fluids by reducing contamination, minimizing microbial growth, decreasing the need for biocides, and reducing cleaning risks.



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