TSG offers pulsed air cleaner for hospital-grade filtration in crane cabs

Self-Maintaining Air Cleaner (SMAC) Mini

The Systems Group (TSG) introduced a new pulse-cleaned industrial air cleaner that filters the inside of crane cabs for operator safety and comfort. The SMAC Mini is a compact version of the company’s Self-Maintaining Air Cleaner (SMAC), a heavy-duty air filtration system for steel mills and heavy industry.

The SMAC Mini incorporates MERV 15-rated filtration via a nanofiber filter and provisions for direct mounting to a platform catwalk. It features integrated controls with a motor starting and pulsing system, an integrated air compressor for automatic filter cleaning, a Minihelic gauge to indicate when a filter changeout is needed and a capacity of 700 CFM at 9″ static pressure. The SMAC Mini is constructed of 11 and 14 gauge steeling, weighing 386 pounds, and is equipped with a 10″ collar. The system is self-contained and runs on electrical power.


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