Chase Machine & Engineering provides custom equipment solutions for processing and converting filtration materials, filter fabrication and assembly

Custom assembly machinery
Custom assembly machinery. Photo courtesy of Chase Machine.

For over 65 years, Chase Machine and Engineering has designed and built custom web handling systems and process equipment for many of the largest and most progressive filter media and filter manufacturers in the world. Our talented team of mechanical, automation and electrical engineers, along with our experienced and diverse manufacturing technicians, provide our customers the best custom automated equipment solutions to compete in today’s growing filtration industry.

Chase’s custom-designed machinery can process membranes, films, foils, and woven/nonwoven/knit fabrics, while controlling speed, tension and guidance with a primary focus on integrating technologies such as ultrasonics, impulse welding, hot air welding, adhesive dispensing, RF welding, band sealing, extruders and CO2 lasers.

Ultrasonic flange welder for liquid fIlter bags
Ultrasonic flange welder for liquid filter bags. Photo courtesy of Chase Machine.

Specialists in manufacturing unwinds, rewinds, slitters (ultrasonic, laser or conventional), laminators (ultrasonic, thermal and adhesive), godets, traverse winders, cut-to-length machines, festooners, accumulators, ultrasonic sewing machines, as well as custom assembly machinery that produces a plethora of consumer products such as facemasks, wipes, air/liquid filters, membranes, hollow fibers, medical devices and hygiene products.

Ultrasonic laminator for bonding nonwoven filtration media
Ultrasonic laminator for bonding nonwoven filtration media. Photo courtesy of Chase Machine.

Our 28,000-foot facility, located in West Warwick, Rhode Island affords us the ability to maintain tight control throughout the entire build process:

  • Mechanical Engineering – utilizing state of the art 3-D solid modeling
  • Electrical Engineering – PLC, AC and servo drive control systems
  • Panel Building – Electrical control panel assembly
  • Fabrication – Welding, machining and painting
  • Assembly – From small independent modules to full scale production machines

For those interested in product development, the Chase Materials Applications Lab exists to help your engineering team take their ideas, create new or improved products and determine the optimum method for manufacturing. Lab capabilities include web handling systems with ultrasonic technology for laminating, embossing, welding, slitting, as well as impulse welding machines.

Contact us and see why Chase Machine and Engineering has adopted the tagline “EXPECT TO BE IMPRESSED!”

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