Pfannenberg USA introduces Kinetic System Series air-to-air heat exchangers

Pfannenberg USA’s Kinetic system (PKS) Series Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers create a closed passive loop system that does not allow external and internal air to mix and does not have an active compressor that uses energy to facilitate heat flow from high-to-low temperatures. It uses refrigerant-based air-to-air technology that uses the thermodynamic properties of the refrigerant to cause the refrigerant to move through the coils without a compressor, leading to less energy needed to run.  The closed loop prevents particles that drift through the ambient air from moving into the enclosure, keeping critical components safe from hazardous airborne particulates.

The structures two main features, its two fans and its heat exchanger, work together in the system. The fans move air across the heat exchanger, which then allows heat to be absorbed from inside the cabinet and released into the ambient air.  PKS has one shell and one cutout for four different cooling capacities, making it lighter and it puts less stress on enclosure walls.

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