NxtNano nFLUX nanofiber membranes deliver consistent porosity and double the flux of cast membrane alternatives

NxtNano’s nFLUX membranes
NxtNano’s nFLUX membrane. Photo courtesy of NxtNano.

NxtNano specializes in high-volume production of nanofiber products. Offering a second-to-none product portfolio and applications support, the company has made tremendous inroads in bringing nanofiber to new, commercial markets. Traditionally, nanofiber medias are seen in air filtration applications. This is indeed where NxtNano first began, and it is still their largest business segment today.

However, NxtNano’s unique HYPR Spinning process permits them to produce nanofiber membranes that are self-supporting, and with these products the company has now set its sights on liquid filtration.

NxtNano offers the membranes primarily in two different polymers: TPU & PVDF. The TPU membrane being the most versatile, with options to render the membrane hydrophobic, oleophobic, or hydrophilic. The PVDF membrane is available as hydrophobic and oleophobic, with a hydrophilic version still under development. Fully understanding these membranes would be deployed in a wide variety of liquid filtration applications with different processing and backing requirements meant NxtNano had to ensure they could deliver the membranes in a form that would be easy for their customers to work with. Using an in-house and state-of-the-art thermal laminator, NxtNano can combine the membranes with PE, PET, PP backers of the customer’s choosing.

NxtNano nFLUX pore size distribution

Why nFLUX membranes?

  • FLUX is the primary benefit of using a nanofiber membrane. For a given pore size, nFLUX membranes dramatically out flow cast membrane alternatives. This means lower energy consumption, more product through-put, and lower operating costs.
  • Consistency is another key attribute that nFLUX membranes possess. The extremely tight and consistent nanofiber lay down inherent to these membranes means they are very consistent on bubble point.
  • Versatility means customers can choose if they want the membrane completely stand alone or already laminated to a PP, PE, or PET backer in a range of basis weights ideal for pleated, wound, or disc elements.

Due to their nonwoven nature, nFLUX membranes cover a range of pore sizes from 0.1 micron up to over 10 microns. This broad coverage is a unique characteristic of nanofiber. Further, the nonwoven structure permits the membranes great durability with the ability to stretch and recover.

NxtNano’s nFLUX membranes cover a range of pore sizes from 0.1 micron
NxtNano’s nFLUX membranes cover a range of pore sizes from 0.1 micron up to over 10 microns. Image courtesy of NxtNano.

NxtNano is bullish on how these membranes will be accepted in the market, they deliver a significant increase in performance, a reduction in operating cost, and do so with no more initial expense than the cast or expanded films already in use.

NxtNano, LLC, is a technology company specializing in mass production of nanofibers for applications including air filtration, microfiltration, micron-rated venting films, life sciences/pharmaceutical media, and performance apparel. Custom development is available as well.

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