New Melt-Blown Polyester Depth Filter Cartridges from Eaton

Eaton's LOFTOP™ and LOFTREX M™ polyester filter cartridge
Eaton's LOFTOP™ and LOFTREX M™ polyester filter cartridge

Eaton’s LOFTOP™ and LOFTREX M™ depth filter cartridges ensure the safe and efficient filtration of demanding media such as process chemicals, fine chemicals, acids, alkalis and solvents, as well as paints, lacquers and resins. The Filtration Division of the energy management company Eaton is now expanding its range to include filter cartridges that use polyester as the filter material for particularly high chemical resistance. The new melt-blown polyester depth filter cartridges are not only suitable for a variety of aggressive media, but also provide an alternative to filter cartridges that are bonded with phenolic resin. The entire LOFTOP and LOFTREX M filter cartridge range is now available with polypropylene (PP), polyamide 6.6 (PA) or polyester (PES) filter material.

The filter cartridges are available in different lengths and with all common adapter configurations and sealing materials so that they can be used safely in a wide range of applications and filter housings. LOFTOP depth filter cartridges offer absolute retention rates from 0.50 to 120 μm with a retention efficiency of 99.98%. LOFTREX M depth filter cartridges offer nominal retention rates from 1 to 150 μm with a retention efficiency of 95%.

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