Myron L Company 900 Series Controller

900 Series Multi-Parameter Monitor / Controller
900 Series Multi-Parameter Monitor / Controller

Myron L® Company’s new 900 Series Multi-Parameter Monitor / Controllers combine Accuracy, Reliability, Simplicity, and Flexibility. The user intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) allows easy and complete programmability of the instrument all from the LCD touch screen. These highly accurate instruments have the ability for simultaneous monitoring and controlling of multiple inputs/outputs.

Whenever the quality of water is a critical, make-or-break characteristic that determines success or failure, the 900 Series Multi-Parameter Monitor/Controller is designed to be exactly what is needed whether water is end product, an ingredient, or a secondary but vital process component. The design includes a variety of inputs, measurement types, and several different types of control and data outputs, all of which can be combined and configured to operate in the most complex water quality applications.

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