Double Disc Pump™ from Penn Valley Pump

Penn Valley Pump’s Double Disc Pump combines the performance features of a positive displacement pump and the principle of ‘induced flow’ to provide superior versatility in fluid handling. Based on a ‘free-disc’ technology, the pump utilizes a unique principle of operation.  The pump is based on a non-close tolerance design and does not have the wear pattern associated with rotary positive displacement pumps. With this low friction design the pump can run dry without damage.

The pump’s discs work in unison to perform the duties of both the pumping element and valving element, creating a double acting, non-clogging, pumping action. The hydraulic interaction between the discs moves fluid from suction to discharge. The discs are not captive in the pump housing, eliminating the flex fatigue failures that captive diaphragm pumps experience. Through an arrangement of connecting rods and a camshaft, a reciprocating action of the discs is created, forming a large cavity between the discs. The discs are rotated 180 degrees out of phase from one another, performing the duties of both pumping and valving during operation.

Less wear means longer life, longer run time and less maintenance than rotary positive displacement pumps. Thanks to the “non-captive”, free disc design of PVP Double Disc Pumps, friction is minimized, repairs are reduced, and clogs are almost non-existent. Double Disc Pumps are a unique positive displacement pump made in the USA based on “induced flow” where the discs perform a double acting, non-clogging, pumping action.

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